Any car racing fans out there? A very interesting iPad use case!

One of my readers (Peter) shared this post with me this weekend. I guess I am a bit behind in my reading as I had not seen this really cool implementation of the iPad to take notes. In fact, it is compelling to see the iPad excelling in an extreme environment; extreme because of the heat, fast-paced setting and the overall importance of a reporter being able to capture information in real time with no delays.

What other extreme environments have you seen the iPad excel in? Healthcare comes to mind if someone could create a useful enough interface for the EMR. I have seen medical equipment vendors (think CTs and MRIs) using iPads to store and a access their knowledge bases. Maybe not the extreme of the NASCAR race, but taxing in sheer information demand. I have also read about medical implant manufacturers and surgeons using the iPad in surgery, trust me; the surgical suite is extreme.

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Any other examples out there?





    At Sheffield International Venues @sivltd we use IPads for our Maintenance Helpdesk @iemsonline. IEMS includes a helpdesk, planned maintenance schedule and other modules written to integrate all estates processes

    • Cool. Does your iPads access the info online or is it all stored local to the device?

      The maintenance rep I saw had a wireless portable 1+tb drive that his iPad connected via wi fi. Seemed to work very well for him and saved him from lugging around his manuals.

      – Chris

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