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If you have been reading me for awhile, you may have noticed that I have been posting a lot less. It seems that my real job has escalated dramatically in the last few months. This is a good thing because I am working on some really cool things at the hospital which are requiring me to do a lot of project management. In fact, I am running four projects right now one of which is very high visibility in the company I work in. Given this visibility, I have struggled to find an efficient way to keep my stakeholders up to date. After a bit of research into some other update templates and a bit more of my own ideas I came up with a very simple Evernote Project Update template.

I have been interested in Evernote templates for a long time. My first templates revolved around meeting minutes which I wrote about here and then I wrote this guest post on Daniel E. Gold’s blog about a Master Project Note Template. As you can see, these posts were written several months ago and I am happy to report that I continue to use each of them at least two-three times a week. I am now thinking that my Weekly Project Review Template is going to get just as much use.

Before I show you my template, lets review why it’s important write a project report in the first place. The first reason is to provide a mechanism to report on project progress WITHOUT scheduling a meeting to do it. If you are like me, you despise meetings that have no purpose other than to communicate information that could be communicated via email. In my opinion, project meetings should be focused on decision making and issues; things that an in person (or video) setting is required. All other project communications should be electronic and this is why the project status report is so important, it is your opportunity as the project manager to keep all project stakeholders up to date on how a project is progressing. In fact, this article on does a great job making the case for the status report even going as far as making this statement; “I consider the Project Status Report a sacred piece of PM material.” My template covers many of the points in the article, but not all of them. It is up to you to alter my template for your own needs.

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The following template can be found in my shared Evernote notebook along with some of the others I have shared. Take a look here to find the template below as well as the others.

Have you been using Evernote Templates? How about using Evernote to manage projects? Take a look at my template and let me know what you think.



  1. Nice templates. Will download them and give them a go. I believe I’ve always neglected the power of templates, as they can really streamline your work efforts. Funny thing is, that I was just thinking about templates today, and there you are, writing about it.

    • tabletproductiv

      Thanks. I find them amazingly useful. In fact, the simpler the better really.

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