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1 Way to Never Forget an Email with Outlook

Email with Outlook

Have you ever written an email looking for something from a co-worker or friend only to forget about following up on the request? I would love to think all of our friends and co-workers respond immediately when asked something, but the reality is we are all busy and sometimes things just slip through the cracks… especially for those people out there not keeping their inbox at zero.

One simple way to keep track of the emails you send is to send a copy to your self by inserting your email in the bcc field. This works great if you remember to add your email every time. There are also numerous tools out there that automate these steps. However, a simpler method is to utilize Outlook’s Rules and Alerts functionality. Check out this old LifeHacker entry by  way back in 2008. Yes, the post is a bit dated but the workflow is not!


Anyone have any other tips or tricks out there?

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