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About us

The fact you are on this page tells me you are interested in learning more about me and the history of this site. Along with that, I will also cover some key parts of the website that will help you to get started with your new productive lifestyle with your iPad.

Who am I?

Dean Duke

Dean Duke (Owner)

Howdy folks! I am Dean Duke, the current owner and blog content writer for TabletProductive.com. The founder, Chris Lee, introduced me to the blog in May 2015 in this blog post. More on Chris in a moment.

I currently work as an IT technician for Western Digital, and although I love my job, I love technology more! Especially technology that creates value rather than being simple toys.

I am sometimes saddened by co-workers wielding their brand new iPads only to have them sit idle in meetings while they take notes on paper or view emails on their old smartphones. In fact, I have seen people carrying an iPad only to have their assistant print a copy of their Outlook Calendar on a daily basis; comfortable habits and processes die slowly. I intend to write about how to accelerate the grieving process!

You can find all of my posts by visiting my author page here.

How TabletProductive.com came to be


Christopher J. Lee (Founder)

TabletProductive.com was founded by Christopher J. Lee in 2011 as a pet project. His initial goal with the site was to share how he uses his iPad productively at his job as a healthcare administrator.

Enter Chris

Chris is a healthcare administrator interested in being productive. He believes that the combination of a tablet (iPad Air 32GB) and a smartphone can drastically improve how we do work without adding too much complexity.

The “how” of accomplishing this productivity is the focus of this blog.

The primary focus of this blog is as follows:

  1. Transitioning from paper to tablets
  2. Apps to get and why
  3. Get Things Done (GTD) on the iPad
  4. Creating a paperless system with tablets and smartphones

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If you are new to the blog, I have created a start here page which will guide you through our most popular content as well as a free download to get you started on your road to new found productivity.

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Text lifted with permission from Tim Ferris

This blog is not primarily financially driven (yet), I have made about enough to buy a few apps on the App Store. Although, someday I would like to make enough money to buy some new gadgets and bike parts! I put it up in July of 2011 as a way to re-connect myself with technology and to write about my own experiences with my iPad.

That said, beginning December 1, 2009, the FTC requires bloggers to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations.

First, the obvious: I am an IT Technician as I wrote above.

Second, the less obvious: Per the FTC rules, if I interview someone and they grab the bill for lunch, I would need to specify this. Ditto if I use an affiliate link that gets me 8 cents instead of a link that gets me 0 cents. If someone gives me a comfy t-shirt with a logo and I wear it in a photo, same deal. Disclaimers all over the place.

This would be tedious for me and a continual eye sore for readers. But rules is rules.

To cover my ass and preserve your reading experience, please assume that, for every recommendation, link, and product I use, the following all hold true:

Although, to be truly honest; I have received none of the above…yet! Maybe, if you like the blog enough and enough new readers join…some of the above may hold true.

(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer)