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    I am a healthcare administrator interested in being productive. I believe that the combination of a tablet (iPad Air 32GB) and a smartphone (iPhone 5 in my case) can drastically improve how we do work without adding too much complexity. The “how” of accomplishing this productivity is the focus of this blog. Here are just a few of the topics I hope to cover. Even though I use iOS devices currently I am in no way totally tied to Apple. I have used a Surface 2 for an extended time and am currently considering replacing my HP laptop with a Surface at some point, so keep reading to find out when this happens. Heck, I may even write a post some day on getting efficient with a Kindle Fire HD given that my daughter just got one for her birthday awhile back.


    8 Reasons Why Apple iOS8 Increases My Productivity!

    By Chris Lee / October 31, 2015

    iOS8 is a major leap in many respects. There are lots of great articles and reviews of this massive update and you could certainly spend days checking out all that has changed. However, this post is focused on eight (for iOS8 of course) updates that have increased my productivity on my iPad and iPhone. By […]


    Combine your iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter to get Productive

    By Chris Lee / October 10, 2015

    iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter Yes, I have written a lot about using Evernote to manage my productivity culminating with this post. Well, how am I am doing and how has my process evolved? In summary, I am still using Evernote to manage just about everything about my productivity. There are several other posts […]


    Genius Scan Your Way to a Clean Desktop!

    By Chris Lee / October 3, 2015

    Go Paperless with the iPad One of the main topics of my blog is how to go paperless with the iPad. Since I started back in July 2011 I had always been a Blackberry Phone user…until when I traded in the Curve for an iPhone 4S. I could devote many blog entries to my […]


    The dangers of the iPad in the wild

    By Chris Lee / September 26, 2015

    The Dangers of the iPad I received a great comment out on LinkedIn from Colin. He liked the post but raised a serious concern about how easy it is to move information into and out of the corporate walls. This topic struck me as a perfect blog post. To start, I am not an IT […]


    Data Input on the iPad, What’s Faster?

    By Chris Lee / September 19, 2015

    Data Input on the iPad Ever wonder what the best method is to enter information into the iPad? I have been wondering about this for sometime… in fact I wrote a whole post (and another one here) about how the iPad can save time by eliminating the paper chase. In the first post above I recommended […]


    Never Forget Anything with Evernote!

    By Chris Lee / September 5, 2015

    I’m an Evernote Fanatic… there, I said it! Ever since my very first note/link way back on May 14, 2008 I have been diligently capturing links, notes, pictures, emails and now various other documents. Being the techy nerd that I am I’ve tried many applications out there that do some (and sometimes all) of what Evernote […]


    Soaring Satisfaction Levels for the iPad

    By Chris Lee / August 29, 2015

    iPad – Defying the Typical Satisfaction Life Cycle for Technology Devices I ran across this article yesterday while reading one of my healthcare journals. An “internationally recognized authority on media tablets and e-readers” at the University of Missouri has found that user satisfaction with the iPad is defying the typical satisfaction life cycle for technology devices. In […]


    iPad and Executive Performance

    By Chris Lee / August 22, 2015

    Apps that can Help Business Owners and Managers Just read a great article shared by Bill French at on LinkedIn. The article was written by “contributor” and focuses on apps designed to increase executive performance. Here is a small excerpt: “Here are five apps that can help business owners and managers streamline the business […]


    1 Way to Never Forget an Email with Outlook

    By Chris Lee / August 15, 2015

    Email with Outlook Have you ever written an email looking for something from a co-worker or friend only to forget about following up on the request? I would love to think all of our friends and co-workers respond immediately when asked something, but the reality is we are all busy and sometimes things just slip […]

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