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Battle of the best iPad word processors: Ulysses, Pages & Write

Writers are beginning to turn to their iPad for their word processing needs. Writing on your iPad requires a text editor. That’s a web application that allows you to utilise word processing functions and layout design from your device. There are many text editors to choose from and the one that is right for you is largely dependent on what you are going to create with it. Let’s compare three excellent text editors.


Pages is an Apple product which means capability issues aren’t an issue. The application retails for $19.99. Documents created in Pages can be sent to a printer, shared to AirDrop, shared to the Mac and iCloud versions of Pages, or even exported to PDF , Word, ePub. Pages provides design templates for newsletters, flyers, posters, business cards, resumes and more. Pages allows you to import images and even wrap text around them. Change fonts, styles, add page breaks and just generally enjoy a powerful word processing experience.

Pages 5.0

Pages 5.0

Pages tracks changes which means you can roll time back and see your document as it was at some earlier point in time. This offers a kind of backup and can be invaluable to your creative process in evolving your documents.

Take advantage of the iCloud to make collaborative writing a snap using pages. Pages features a shared version which allows you to work in tandem with editors and other writers to create a truly shared project. [If you’re tired of writing on paper, read this article to switch to iPad writing]


One of the most amazing features of this application is the incredibly low price tag. At just $1.99, it may be tempting to dismiss this text editor as cheap. But, don’t be fooled by the great deal, this is a powerful tool. Automatic synching to Dropbox or iCloud can really be a lifesaver and prevent frustrating data loss. Write will allow you to jot down notes quickly and effectively. The Textexpander Touch Support saves time by learning what words you type most frequently and intuitively suggesting them. Markdown editing tools that make proofreading so much less painful and encourages collaboration.

Write for Mac/iPad

Write for Mac/iPad

Write also makes blogging so much easier by offering a publish feature which streamlines the process. If writing is really your focus, and layout is not really a matter of great concern, take advantage of this wonderful lightweight app. [Download Write from iTunes]


Ulysses retails at $19.99. This web app promises a one stop writing environment on iOS. Documents created with Ulysses can be sent to a printer, shared to AirDrop, shared to the Mac and iCloud versions of Pages, or even exported to PDF, Word, ePub. One of the most impressive features of this text editor is its 3 pane layout, which makes working with very long writing projects much easier. This unique way of organising information makes writing more streamlined and removes the need for scrolling back and forth hunting for content. Use the first pane for selecting a new blank document or an existing document or folder. Use the second pane to select a section of your document, for example, selecting a sub heading or chapter. Use the third pane to view and edit the content you have selected.

Ulysses 2.0

Ulysses 2.0

Ulysses also offers templates for quick layout options. Change your font, style, and more with fully functional word processing capabilities. Also enjoy excellent proofreading tools and citation tools.

[Read about automatic text recognition on your iPad]

Now Tell Me What Is The Best iPad Word Processing App?

All of these text editors are exceptional.  Each offers the ability to turn your iPad into a fully functional word processor. The one that is best is the one that is best for you. It really depends on which features are most pertinent to the types of projects you are most likely to work on. For users seeking superb layout and document design capabilities or fully functional collaboration tools Pages is the text editor best suited to fill their needs. For users seeking a lightweight, streamlined application that will let them take notes and publish blogs, Write is best suited. And, for those working with long, bulky documents Ulysses’ organisational functionality wins the bid.

image sources: Macworld , WriteUlysses

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