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Beesy Task Manager, a Review

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Beesy Task Manager

I have been using Beesy now for about two weeks. Over the two weeks I have organized and conducted over ten different meetings across multiple projects with many different meeting attendees. I can honestly say that Beesy has helped me organize all of the information generated during these meetings including tasks assigned to myself and various other team members. Additionally, Beesy has added to my efficiency in planning for these meetings…I don’t necessary look forward to planning the meetings, but Beesy makes the process a little simpler. Beesy is not a replacement for my Evernote Task Management process nor will it become my primary means of documenting my projects; but it will add to my existing processes in place with Evernote. Read on to determine if Beesy is right for you.

The Good:

  • I like the Meeting Minute integration with Calendar Entries. This allows for very easy creation of topics with the ability to add comments under each topic.
  • Topics can be attached to strategies and projects. This is interesting if your organization has specific initiatives and/or strategies. Creating meetings with projects tied to strategies is a great way to create a line of site between why you are meeting, the project you are working on and overall organizational goals.
Beesy Task Manager
Beesy Task Manager
  • The meeting minute format is quicker to create and disseminate than using my Evernote Agenda/Minute Template. Evernote works, but does require some formatting and cleaning before distributing whereas Beesy is very quick to create minutes. I have found myself sharing minutes before people have even left the conference room.
  • Beesy automatically creates a list of items/tasks by meeting attendee. If you manage or matrix-manage people, this allows you a very quick and easy way to track what you have assigned and what people have agreed to do. Sharing meeting minutes provides attendees a list of what they have been assigned and Beesy creates a nice interface for tracking these tasks as well. Evernote can do this using note links, etc. but you have to manually create specific notes and processes to keep track in Evernote.
  • Beesy has some nice note topics that can be added to meeting minutes like Tasks, Ideas, Questions, Calls, Meeting, etc. This creates a nice way to organize information within minutes and notes.
  • Evernote integration works well. When creating a note, Evernote allows for two options to save to Evernote, the first simply exports to Evernote. Once the note is first exported to Evernote you can update the information in Beesy which updates the entry in Evernote. The Evernote Integration Method creates the note in Evernote and then creates an email with a link to the note in Evernote. When the email recipient gets that email and clicks the link the full note is displayed in a browser. The recipient can then import the note directly into their Evernote Account.
Beesy Task Manager
  • Projects functionality is useful and allows you to organize notes and information by project. As mentioned above, meeting minutes and notes can be attached to a project as well as an initiative or strategy. Once you attach a note to a particular project, Beesy organizes all information on that project in the Project Dashboard. You now have a place to track all tasks, notes and information for a particular project in one place. You can of course simulate this functionality using Master Project Notes and Note Linking in Evernote, but again this is more effort where Beesy facilities this for you.
  • The Meeting Minute Export function creates a nice email summary automatically addressed to the meeting attendees. This works very much like it does in Peak Meetings, but the process to create meeting agendas and minutes is easier in Beesy than it is in Peak IMHO.
Beesy Task Manager
  • Beesy does a nice job facilitating the planning for meetings according to Projects and Strategies. I found myself extremely efficient in planning meetings using Beesy, maybe even more so than Evernote.
  • The Beesy Dashboard does a nice job organizing tasks into the Franklin Covey Non-Urgent/Urgent Important/Non-Important Matrix with an additional time delineation based on Overdue, This week, etc.
Beesy Task Manager

The Bad:

  • I would have to agree with this review that Beesy is not intuitive, in fact I have had Beesy on my iPad for months and had never had enough patience to sit down and figure the app out. You just can’t open up Beesy and grasp exactly what the app does and why. However, if you take a bit of time with the instructions which are complete you can pick the basics up.
  • Beesy is designed around taking notes and creating tasks tied to meetings. Beesy does not make as much sense If you just want to add a note or tasks without tying first to a meeting.
  • You can not re-arrange the order of comments under Meeting Topics; comments are added in chronological order based on when you add the comment.
  • It seems that notes added to a topic other than Comments are not exported into the Meeting Minute Template or the Evernote Export/Share process. I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature but I found myself cutting and pasting created information into Comment Fields from Ideas and Questions.


  • I will continue using Beesy as my method of creating meeting agendas and minutes and to keep track of some project tasks as well as task assignments to co-workers. Beesy does make me faster at capturing meeting notes and tasks faster than using a template in Evernote!
  • Beesy does a nice job organizing thoughts into projects, strategies and people.
  • Beesy has nice Evernote integration that makes it easy to archive information created in Beesy directly to Evernote for further analysis.
  • I like the way that Beesy organizes assigned tasks by meeting attendee; this has been a useful addition to my process.
  • Overall Beesy is an interesting application that has some solid functionality. It is not easy to use or learn, but once mastered it provides some nice features that will make you more efficient.

Have you tried Beesy? What are your thoughts?

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