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What to use to manage your productivity, ask the experts!

By Chris Lee / August 6, 2011

Want to know how to do something? Simply ask an expert. Want to fix a leaky toilet? Head to Home Depot and ask the plumbing department where to start (they would probably tell you to call a plumber). Want to install the new flat screen television? Ask the guy at Best Buy. Want to manage […]


How effective is your TPS Report?

By Chris Lee / July 14, 2011

I have spent so much time researching tools, processes, apps, etc. to make myself more “efficient”. Lately I have been asking myself if I spent all of this time trying out the next best tool or process because I am was looking for that silver bullet that will eliminate my daily waste? Or, was I […]


How the iPad will change your life!

By Chris Lee / July 12, 2011

I want to write about how much a tablet can truly transform someone’s personal workflow. Yes, tools like GTD and other methods are important because simply throwing technology at an inefficient process can not solve the original workflow problem. However, I truly believe that any professional can transform their personal productivity with a little (or a lot) organizational re-design […]


Paperless, the preamble

By Chris Lee / July 1, 2011

I hate paper. I work in a radiology department that sees over 160 outpatients a day along with an additional 200 inpatients and Emergency Patients. My department is part of a very busy 200+ bed hospital led by excellent leadership. All of these patients and beds requires a whole lot of meetings and committees. All […]

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