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Comparison of the best iPad stands and docks

By Dean Duke / November 30, 2015

It’s rare nowadays to use your iPad for something that does not require a stand or a dock.  Because this is becoming more and more popular, the market for these products is growing rapidly.  To be able to make an educated decision, I have composed a short list of products and the options that they […]


Review for Anker’s 60W 6-Port USB Charger and Keyboard Case

By Dean Duke / November 23, 2015

When deciding to upgrade to a multi-unit charger, it is probably best to consider a charging port. A popular charging hub is the Anker 40W 5-port high speed USB Charging Hub. Though this is a productive way to charge all of your devices at once, a newer, faster solution has gained recognition, the 60W 6-Port […]


What Is The Best iPad Mini Keyboard

By Dean Duke / November 17, 2015

If you are attached at the hip to your iPad mini, you probably cannot imagine spending a day without it.  For many customers who feel the same way as you do, a keyboard is an essential accessory that takes your iPad mini from amazing to indispensible.  Due to demand for a keyboard that is compatible […]


Dispatch for iPad

By Dean Duke / November 13, 2015

There have been many products for iPad, as well as for iPhone that offer to help you with productivity. Some of them are useful only  in limited ways, others are very helpful.  Dispatch, which will work with both your iPhone and iPad, may help you get all of the incoming emails under control. As backwards […]


The Best iPad Stylus for Note Taking

By Dean Duke / November 8, 2015

Selecting the best iPad stylus for your note taking needs is a decision that must be made carefully and given much thought.  First and foremost, consider the tasks you will use the stylus for most frequently, which apps you hope to use to take notes, and how closely you want to mimic the experience of […]


8 Reasons Why Apple iOS8 Increases My Productivity!

By Chris Lee / October 31, 2015

iOS8 is a major leap in many respects. There are lots of great articles and reviews of this massive update and you could certainly spend days checking out all that has changed. However, this post is focused on eight (for iOS8 of course) updates that have increased my productivity on my iPad and iPhone. By […]


Six Productivity iPad Apps for College Students

By Dean Duke / October 24, 2015

There are so many productivity apps out there it can be difficult to decide which are right for you. As a college student it can become an even greater decision as you try to organise your studies simply into one gadget instead of lugging your laptop to campus every day, and getting it wrong can […]


iOS 9, The iPad and Your Productivity

By Dean Duke / October 18, 2015

The new iOS 9 brings much-needed improvements for users of the iPad, though critics are still divided on how well these changes will satisfy customers. Since its release, the iPad has been primarily, for most people, an entertainment device. Smaller screens and limited functions have made it a poor substitute to the standard laptop or […]


Using Duet Display to Create a Second Monitor on Your iPad

By Dean Duke / October 4, 2015

There are many situations in which your basic Mac monitor can’t give you the screen space you need. Shifting between tabs and trying to get all the information in front of your eyes when you need it can be difficult when monitor size is limited. Enter Duet Display, the app that allows you to use […]

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