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Organize your email to achieve Inbox Zero

By Aymeric Gaurat-Apellii / February 13, 2017

Does checking your email inbox seem like a daunting task to you?  Is it just overwhelming?  Do you secretly worry about how big your email inbox would be when you return to work? If these questions strike you, then you definitely need to get your inbox down to zero. People tend to treat email as […]


Evernote handwriting to text: the options

By Dean Duke / June 23, 2016

The Evernote handwriting to text features are the perfect tools to connect old-school handwriting with the modern style of typing things down. Typing for countless hours on your computer and swiping across the virtual keyboard on your iPad is convenient. However, there is nothing that even comes close to the satisfaction of writing things down […]


Using Evernote for Receipts – Managing expenses

By Dean Duke / June 19, 2016

Keeping a track of your expenses is one of the essential productivity practices, which is why we should be using Evernote for receipts and expense tracking. Managing your personal expenses to make sure you make ends meet or keeping a ledger on your expenses on your employer’s behalf. Evernote has been in the mobile app […]


How to search on iPad using Spotlight

By Dean Duke / March 30, 2016

iPads now come with a standard search function that can be accessed from the home screen by either swiping right or dragging down. The standard search function is known as Spotlight and it will search all contents downloaded, stored, or within known history of the iPad. The Spotlight function on the iPad is fully customizable […]


How to unsplit a keyboard from your iPad

By Dean Duke / March 25, 2016

In order to take advantage of the iPad’s larger display, the on screen keyboard is available for typing as if you were typing on a normal keyboard. However, a full keyboard may be seen as a disadvantage when holding the iPad. One of the features of the iPad is to split the keyboard where is […]


How to Save Evernote as PDF in 4 Simple Steps

By Dean Duke / March 21, 2016

For many writers, teachers and administrators, Evernote has replaced Microsoft Word as the tool of choice. Many best-of apps lists rate Evernote among the top apps. It serves as an excellent note-taking and syncing service. Evernote stores users’ notes in the cloud from which they can be accessed from anywhere. The numerous types of notes […]


Can You Print from Evernote?

By Dean Duke / February 26, 2016

Our readers have been asking us many questions over the past few weeks. Thank you so much for your comments. We appreciate every one. Today, we have sifted through hundreds of comments to bring you the answers you need. [Read: Evernote Scannable, the killer app] One of the most common questions you have been asking […]


How to download Kindle books on iPad the easy way

By Dean Duke / December 30, 2015

If you want to know how to download kindle books on the iPad you are in the right place. If you have an iPad, there is a Kindle app which gives you total access to Amazon’s Kindle library and there is no need for you to have both an iPad and a Kindle device. With the […]


How to Backup Notes on iPhone in 5 Simple Steps

By Dean Duke / December 24, 2015

When updating your iPhone or even upgrading to a newer device, you may find yourself wondering how to backup notes on iPhone. With these easy steps, you can successfully backup your notes with no trouble at all using one of many different methods! [Read: How To Backup Photos From iPad] Method 1: E-mail If you […]


How to backup photos from iPad- 4 ways to do it safely

By Dean Duke / December 18, 2015

It used to be that when you wanted to capture a moment in a picture, you pulled out a camera (if you owned one or had it with you!), snapped the photo, hoping it all would look good, and eventually got the film developed. All of it was on paper and the only way to […]

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