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4 Easy Ways on how to save GIFs on iPad

By Dean Duke / December 14, 2015

GIFs are just so cool, but unfortunately, many devices do not support them. The ones that do support them, though, are often more difficult to save on your device as opposed to a regular picture. If you have an iPad and would like to know how to safe GIFs on iPad using the easiest and […]


Wireless Connectivity: How Your iPad Actually Connects with the Internet

By Dean Duke / December 9, 2015

Ask nearly any iPad user how they connect to the internet, and a common answer you get will be “using wireless.” A few may answer in more detail, but what does all of this actually mean? Let’s look at how your iPad actually connects with the Internet. [Read: Comparison of the Most Popular Browsers] Behind […]


Using Office Successfully on Your iPad

By Dean Duke / October 11, 2015

Recent changes to the Microsoft Office app for iOS devices has made using Office successfully a real possibility. Gone are the document restrictions and pricey Office 365 requirements. People who wish to use their iPads and iPhones to create and edit Office documents for free now have more options than ever. There are times when […]


Combine your iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter to get Productive

By Chris Lee / October 10, 2015

iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter Yes, I have written a lot about using Evernote to manage my productivity culminating with this post. Well, how am I am doing and how has my process evolved? In summary, I am still using Evernote to manage just about everything about my productivity. There are several other posts […]


The dangers of the iPad in the wild

By Chris Lee / September 26, 2015

The Dangers of the iPad I received a great comment out on LinkedIn from Colin. He liked the post but raised a serious concern about how easy it is to move information into and out of the corporate walls. This topic struck me as a perfect blog post. To start, I am not an IT […]


Data Input on the iPad, What’s Faster?

By Chris Lee / September 19, 2015

Data Input on the iPad Ever wonder what the best method is to enter information into the iPad? I have been wondering about this for sometime… in fact I wrote a whole post (and another one here) about how the iPad can save time by eliminating the paper chase. In the first post above I recommended […]


Never Forget Anything with Evernote!

By Chris Lee / September 5, 2015

I’m an Evernote Fanatic… there, I said it! Ever since my very first note/link way back on May 14, 2008 I have been diligently capturing links, notes, pictures, emails and now various other documents. Being the techy nerd that I am I’ve tried many applications out there that do some (and sometimes all) of what Evernote […]


How to make your iPad as powerful as a laptop

By Dean Duke / August 20, 2015

The worldwide sensation that is the iPad just keeps growing and growing. As of October 2014 over 225million of these tablets had been sold, and the App Store was home to over 675,000 apps*. But as with all technology, we’re always craving more. So I’m going to introduce you to some names and advice that […]


1 Way to Never Forget an Email with Outlook

By Chris Lee / August 15, 2015

Email with Outlook Have you ever written an email looking for something from a co-worker or friend only to forget about following up on the request? I would love to think all of our friends and co-workers respond immediately when asked something, but the reality is we are all busy and sometimes things just slip […]

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