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Are you looking for a solution to configure Evernote notifications?

By Chris Lee / July 31, 2015

Are you using Evernote to track your tasks? I am a few months into using Evernote to track all of my tasks. Prior to Evernote I was an Outlook/Apple Reminders user. This simple setup allowed me to drive my productivity from Outlook which worked great because Reminders works on both my iPad and my iPhone. […]


How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your iPad

By Dean Duke / June 26, 2015

Know When It’s Time To Replace Your iPad While it is tempting to replace your device when a newer shinier version comes out, that approach to technology replacement probably won’t serve your interest in being financially solvent. Making a new technology purchase requires you to carefully consider a number of factors. The New Operating System […]


How to Use Your Mac Keyboard with Your iPhone or iPad

By Dean Duke / June 20, 2015

Trying to create any document with your device’s tiny on screen keyboard is frustrating at best. Trying to write anything creative becomes exponentially harder. With iOS 8 Apple has finally made using a keyboard with your iPhone or iPad possible. Using an actual physical keyboard is more ergonomically sound. Also having the tactile experience of […]


Omnifocus Daily Workflow

By Chris Lee / June 16, 2015

In this post I will review my workflow with Omni and describe how it is helping me stay on top of my work.   I am still on the iOS-only Omnifocus bandwagon. I have not tired of the app and I continue to be surprised at how my task management confidence has improved. I am […]


4 Ways to Translate Text Using Your iPad or iPhone

By Dean Duke / June 10, 2015

There are many reasons that you may need translations on your iPad or iPhone. Brilliance knows no official language and so you may want to read the thoughts of someone who doesn’t speak your native language at all. You may also be taking advantage of your iPad’s features to have a lightweight translation device you […]


15 Serious Productivity Tips for new (and old) iPad Owners

By Chris Lee / May 7, 2015

Productivity Tips for new (and old) iPad Owners I have come to a revelation lately, that most people have no idea how to use their iPads for things other than surfing the internet. Regular readers of my blog are the exception of course. I know this for two reasons. First, most professionals do not have […]


How to work with PDFs on your iPad

By Chris Lee / February 22, 2015

PDF handling is one of the more productive capabilities of the iPad. Many PDF functions done on a computer are sometimes more efficient on the iPad. Some of the major PDF functions include Creating, Annotating, Combining, Scanning and Text capture. There is no one application that accomplish all of these functions well, but with a […]


5 ways to speed up a slow iPad

By Chris Lee / February 17, 2015

Even the newest of iPads can get slow from time to time. But, with a little bit of work you can make some dramatic improvements to the snappiness of your iPad. Follow some or all of the steps listed below to make your iPad (and iPhone) feel like new again. 1. iOS7 added some cool […]


Office on the iPad + Dropbox = Flexibility!

By Chris Lee / November 12, 2014

Well, Microsoft went ahead and did it, they connected another cloud service to Microsoft Office for the iPad, Dropbox! I am still a little shocked; Dropbox + Office definitely changes things. I have written extensively about Office on the iPad and I continue to be a heavy user since it was first released last spring. […]

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