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Combine your iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter to get Productive

Combine your iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter to get productive

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iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter

Yes, I have written a lot about using Evernote to manage my productivity culminating with this post. Well, how am I am doing and how has my process evolved? In summary, I am still using Evernote to manage just about everything about my productivity. There are several other posts that I will write about how things have evolved with my setup, but for today I am going to focus a simple little tool called the VGA adapter from Apple. This simple little white dongle can take your efficiency to a whole new level. Let me tell you why and how.

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If you are responsible for running a meeting, one that you have information to present and data to display you probably go through the trouble of printing out the agenda, charts and other assorted pieces of paper required for the meeting. Some of you may have a laptop for this purpose, but laptops bring more weight and more complexity. How many of you have struggled with the correct function key combination to get the screen connected the projector? Heck, even the small Apple Air has its own level of complexity to futz with, trust me; I’ve watched several people struggling with connecting an Apple Laptop to a projector. And even if you can get your laptop connected, most of the time it is to display a static presentation. None of this complexity exists when you combine the simple Apple VGA connector with your iPad, a projector and Evernote…and maybe a keyboard!

Combine your iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter to get productiveAs I wrote here, Evernote is a great tool to run a meeting. In my post I focused on how Evernote can benefit you as the meeting organizer, but I did not focus on the experience for the meeting attendees. Connecting your iPad to the projector raises your efficiency to a whole new level and moves the meeting from being static and focused on a typed agenda to one that is dynamic and evolves as your team collaborates. As you work your way through the agenda taking notes as you go your team participates in making sure that decisions are documented correctly vs. the passive process of distributing minutes later. Think about it, who really takes the time to review minutes after a meeting is done and you or your admin has finished typing the minutes? A week then passes and people either don’t remember key decisions and discussions or don’t have time to read the minutes.

Think of how much better real time decision documentation would make your process. Think of how much better it would be if you could get your decisions distributed to your team within minutes of the meeting. Don’t believe me, well my assistant was documenting an important meeting when her laptop died in the middle of the meeting (not that uncommon for a crappy HP running Win XP). I happened to have my iPad and was typing up notes for myself and guess what, a whole bunch of my notes ended up in the final minutes!

Now that I have re-convinced you that Evernote works for meetings, how about the process to connect your iPad to a projector? Well, here it is:

  1. Buy a VGA Adapter 
  2. Bring a projector to your meeting and turn it on
  3. Plug one end of the Adapter to your iPad and the other end into the projector
  4. That’s it!

Yes, you could do all of this with a laptop but for some reason bringing a laptop just seems more complicated. Maybe I would think differently if I had Mac Air or a Powerbook, but I know that a Powerbook is a lot heavier than an iPad and an Air is still bigger and slightly more complicated than the iPad. Using the iPad simply eliminates the inertia of bringing a computer…heck, the iPad is smaller and weighs less than most corporate-issue portfolios! One last note, using a Bluetooth keyboard does help as it eliminates having the screen keyboard cover half of the screen while you are typing. Plus, tying on an external keyboard is just easier.

Invest in the adapter and give it a try. You won’t regret it! Heck if you do, use the adapter to stream videos to your TV!

Have you been successful in using a VGA Adapter?

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