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Discover our Guides and eBooks

At, we are not only passionate about the many productive usages we can give to our tablet, but we also have the opportunity to interact with lots of iPad users. We receive many advice requests from our readers, and that gives us a privileged position to understand what are your preoccupations and what are the topics that matter the most when you want to leverage on technology to save time and energy.

That’s why we decided to publish regularly guides and ebooks, in addition to the posts we already bring out in the blog. The idea is to compile in reference publications all the knowledge that we think will help you improve your productivity. We will try to cover deeply the essential topics, but always straight to the point and in a simple manner so it can be understood by a wide range of readers, from the beginners to the tech-savvy users.

As we said earlier, the interaction with’s users is fundamental for us, it’s in our DNA. So don’t hesitate to give us a feedback, either about the publications we have already brought out or about the topics you would like we cover.

So, let’s begin!