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Dispatch for iPad

There have been many products for iPad, as well as for iPhone that offer to help you with productivity. Some of them are useful only  in limited ways, others are very helpful.  Dispatch, which will work with both your iPhone and iPad, may help you get all of the incoming emails under control.

As backwards as it sounds, there are people who do not ‘do’ email, even today. They may have email accounts, but these normally look like a huge list of unread emails, no folders, few contacts saved, and no way to communicate any of the information in those emails.

Dispatch will help even these folks gain control of their inbox, with its tools available to quickly flag, archive, reply, or delete email. There are many optional programs that it has been designed to work with, and these provide a great start to tackling over-full inboxes.

Dispatch for iPad

Dispatch for iPad

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Checking Mail

One thing that Dispatch has that many similar applications don’t do as well is working with multiple email providers, and allowing you to see all of your incoming emails in one spot. In the opening view, you can see how many emails have come into each account, and use this information to decide where to start each time.

On the iPad, mail is shown in a three-column view; allowing you some options that make sorting email simple. The new use of profile pictures saves you from possible confusion as to which person sent you a specific email.

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Moving Mail to Folders

Keeping mail in folders allows you to later locate something quickly.  They help keep your inbox from becoming the dumping ground for emails on various topics.

Dispatch allows you to keep folders pinned, so incoming mail can be dropped directly into the proper folder. This is elegantly accomplished in landscape mode on the iPad. The move is simple, and you do not have to leave the inbox to move the message.

Dispatch for iPad

Archiving or Flagging Email

Some emails need either attention right now, or are simply informative, and can be kept for reference. Dispatch allows you to do this on the fly: archiving emails is a simple click, and flagging them is done by clicking on an icon at the bottom of the second pane of emails.

You can archive all of the emails that serve mainly as references, previewing them in the right pane, if needed.  This is something Dispatch has been doing for a long time, and is still a very popular feature.

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Making Calendar Entries

With Dispatch, and a compatible calendar program (common ones are supported), you highlight the needed information, and select your calendar app from a window in the corner, and it creates an entry for you. Also, if the calendar shows that the date selected is on a non-work day, you can use the “message” button, and let them know there may be a date error.

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For me, there are many times that a reply immediately isn’t needed, but one in a few days would be more appropriate and informative. Dispatch works with many of the reminder apps, allowing you to place a note to respond to the email at a specific time. Doing this allows you a chance to get through the emails that need responses later, without having to manually make reminders. And focus on the ones that need a reply now.

Dispatch for iPad

Replying to Emails with Snippets

Often, emails need only a small amount of text to clarify the section that is being answered. Dispatch provides a method to use snippets of text for these situations. Specific sections are quoted, and this will make a faster, clearer reply.  You will still have an option to include the entire email sent to you, as well.

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The compose section allows the standard reply areas, including CC and BCC fields. There is also the wonderful feature that allows you to open another email, without losing the draft of your email. The larger screen of the iPad allows this right-swipe action to be a very useful addition.  Coordinating between multiple people, insuring that everyone has the same information, is much easier on the go with this action.

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