Find the apps you need with App Match -

Find the apps you need with App Match

App Match review

I recently received a request from App Match to review their “app-discovery app”, forgive the redundancy. I was skeptical at the beginning about the real utility of this application, but I must say that I was curious about their approach.

App Match recommends third-party apps based on your answers to series of quirky, random questions about you, your lifestyle, your preferences and various general topics.

I must admit that the concept is quite original, unusual and somewhat useful. With the growing amount of available apps it can be time consuming to wade through them all to find the goods ones.

Besides, even if you do not use every app that App Match chooses for you, answering the questions can be a lot of fun! In each session you are asked around 15 questions. Topics can range from diet to drinking habits, music, software, relationships and more.

Here are some examples:

What is your general level of motivation in life?

  1. I’m a real go getter.
  2. I hardly get off the couch.
  3. I fill my life with fun activities that are non-work related.

Are you passionate about getting the cheapest gas around ?

  1. Saving pennies?! I’m ready to sex.
  2. I definitely like to get a good deal. Who doesn’t?
  3. I’m all about cat videos and 3-ply toilet paper. Cheap gas? Not so much.
  4. Hell nah, I want whatever gas Beyonce uses

Do you AirBnB your house or spare bedroom?

  1. Of course! It’s a great way to generate extra income.
  2. I’m curious and would like to learn more.
  3. Do you ever imagine what life will be like for the first humans on Mars?
  4. I haven’t before but I am now ..
  5. (b)Yes! And I imagine shipping every Katie in the galaxy up there!
  6. No, I’m really not into space.
  7. Cut the bullshit already. I came here to answer questions about apps and that’s it.

The multiple-choice answers can be hilarious. Some of the questions are just really funny and some are very personal. Of course, you can skip any questions you don’t like. You can also quit the session at any time.

AppMatch question

After your batch of questions and answers has been assessed, App Match will search for matches. Swipe right to save a match and swipe left to skip it, very Tinder like.

Fun summaries are given of your matches. For example:

Genus Scan

“A PDF scanner in your pocket. Because you spend time in offices. A great scanner for your phone that can do most things a printer scanner can do. We know you are too cheap to buy yourself an actual scanner. We are too. So we got this app instead.”


“Stay on top of your travel details like a super sexy travel agent.

Because you travel on the regular.

This app is like having a secretary, travel agent, and concierge travelling with you. Assisting you through all the reservations, flights, and itineraies, so you can relax and travel stress-free.”

Once finished, you can go to your saved matches and download the applications. Then you can start up another set of questions to get more app matches (questionnaires are all different). You can only complete 50 questions each day, which is around 5 sessions.App Match recommendation

The application is free to use. Advertising is kept to a minimum and the program is easy to use with an attractive, simple and intuitive interface.

The app runs through a browser, but only from your mobile phone. You don’t need to download the app, you can simply go to and enter your details or login through Facebook.

App Match reviews apps constantly to find great apps to put in front of end users, and more specifically the trendy, tech-savvy users between 18-45 years of age, which is the target audience according to their site.

They also allows developers to add their apps and get them known. Once their apps are submitted, App Match reviews their app, rates it and decides whether it is worthy of inclusion in the directory.

Personally, I liked this application. When you have some free time, it can be quite productive to use it and explore new applications whithout having any specific subject in mind. Actually, it gave me some ideas of apps to review in the next weeks for

What about you? Did you already find some useful interesting apps in it?

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