How to download Kindle books on iPad the easy way -

How to download Kindle books on iPad the easy way

If you want to know how to download kindle books on the iPad you are in the right place. If you have an iPad, there is a Kindle app which gives you total access to Amazon’s Kindle library and there is no need for you to have both an iPad and a Kindle device. With the Kindle app, you can read books that you have purchased and even make purchases from the ebook store on Amazon right there on your iPad. You even have the ability to transfer files to your iPad from your computer to access them through the kindle app for reading on your feet.

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Here you will find a step by step guide to getting the Kindle App for your iPad so you can put that Kindle device away and only travel with your tablet. Follow these 6 easy and concise step and you will be reading on your iPad in no time.

download kindle books on iPad

Install the Kindle App 

  • Open the app store on the home screen of your iPad.
  • Once there, find the search pane in the top right corner and type “Kindle” into in.
  • Select the version of the app that is suited for the iPad.
  • Click the button marked as “Get”.
  • Click “Install”.
  • Enter the Apple ID and password and proceed to installing the app.

Download Previous Purchases

Now that you have installed the app you can go ahead and download any previous books you had purchased so you can continue reading on your iPad.

  • Open the Kindle app which should be on your home screen after installation. Also if you are still in the app store it should give you the option to open it from there once it has been completely installed.
  • You will be prompted to register your iPad device to account on Amazon – you simple enter your Amazon log in credentials and tap “sign in”.
  • At the lower part of the screen you will find the “Cloud” tab, tapping on this shows you’re your purchases that are associated with the Amazon account you logged into. If you are yet to make any purchases this section will be blank.
  • You have the ability to download previously purchased content that is available in your cloud by tapping on the book’s cover. You can find all your downloaded content under tab “devices”.

Make new Kindle Purchases on Your iPad

Due to restrictions from Apple, content for your kindle cannot be purchased within the app itself. Hence you will have to go to their website.

  • Open the Safari browser, tap the address bar then enter
  • If prompted to sign in, input your log in credentials to continue to the homepage of the Kindle store.
  • Once on the Kindle store homepage you can browse books by title, author or keyword. You can also browse by best sellers and look for current deals as well.
  • To get more information on a product that interests you, you simply tap the title and it will open the page with the product details.
  • The book can be purchased from the page with the product details.
  • After purchasing, clicking on read now will allow the book to be automatically downloaded into your Kindle App’s library on your iPad.
  • If you would like to browse the content of the book prior to purchasing you can “Try a sample”. This will allow you to download excerpts of text to the Kindle App on your iPad so you can briefly read through a bit of the book and then decide if you want to purchase it or not.
  • All purchases from the Kindle store are stored here as well so you can download then to any of your mobile devices when you need to.

download kindle books on iPad

Add Non-Kindle Content to Your iPad’s Kindle App

Your Kindle App on iPad can be used to read an assortment of other file formats and not only books from Amazon. The Kindle App supports the following file types:

  • Document Files – .TXT, .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, and .PDF
  • Images – .PNG, .BMP, .GIF, .JPG and .JPEG
  • .MOBI only for eBooks

Download transfer software and install on your computer. You can find the right transfer program from Amazon.

Once you have the software installed you have a number of methods to transfer the files non-kindle files to your Kindle App. Both Mac and PC users can use any of these three methods for file transfer.

  • Mac users will “ctrl-click” the file and choose the option “send to kindle”. PC users can right click and select “send to kindle”. From the list of devices shown you will know choose your iPad.
  • Drag and drop files into the “Send to Kindle application” and select from the list of devices that shows up, your iPad.
  • Open the document and click on print then “send to kindle” which will open a different window where you will select your iPad as the device to send the file to.

download kindle books on iPad

Read Your Kindle Content 

  • On your kindle app, open the tab marked “devices”. Here you will find all the books that have been downloaded.
  • Tap the book cover of the book you would like to read.

Troubleshoot Purchases that Don’t Appear in your Content Library

  • You have to have a network connection that is working to permit the receival of your purchases so check if your mobile data connection or your wireless connection is up and running.
  • Manually sync your purchase history with your library if it is that your purchases are not showing and your internet connection is fine.  – Select “sync” on the main screen of the app.
  • Check to see if your payment credentials are accurate – Visit the Amazon site’s Management page for Kindle here: Find the “settings” and evaluate your payment and billing information.

Following those 6 steps on how to download kindle books on iPad should have you reading your kindle books on your iPad in no time. For any other information that you may need you can check out the Kindle manual which can provide you with lots more informaiotn about the Kindle App. Since the app is constantly evolviong to give you better functions and features you will have to use this resource as time goes by. You can find the manual icon in the “device” section of the app. Tap on it to open it and use it if you have any problems with your kindle app.

download kindle books on iPad

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Tips and Warnings 

The first time you install the Kindle App you will find that your iPad is given a unique name, this is the name that you will select when transferring or downloading books to your device.

If you were to delete the Kindle App from your iPad you would also delete the downloaded books from your iPad device. These books can however be found in the Kindle Cloud so you can re-download them at any time. Now you know how to download kindle books on iPad, what are you waiting for? Go get your books and settle in for a read.

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