How to make your iPad as powerful as a laptop -

How to make your iPad as powerful as a laptop

The worldwide sensation that is the iPad just keeps growing and growing. As of October 2014 over 225million of these tablets had been sold, and the App Store was home to over 675,000 apps*. But as with all technology, we’re always craving more. So I’m going to introduce you to some names and advice that might just help you get even more out of Apple’s big seller. Here are some tips and tricks to make your iPad as powerful as a laptop.

iPad As Powerful As A Laptop

Office for the iPad

Let’s start with the basics. So many people have experience of using Microsoft Office that it seems a natural step to move it onto the iPad. Including stalwart favourites Word, Excel and Powerpoint, the iPad version of Microsoft 365 is powerful and includes many of the features available for desktops. It is worth noting, however, that a subscription is needed for the more advanced features such as reviewing changes in Word. Other than that, though, downloading Office for free seems like a logical step!

office for iPad

Office for iPad

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Other Ways to Bring the Office to the iPad

Many people worry about relinquishing their hold on the traditional desktop-scanner-printer combo that makes up most offices. Although there is a lot to be said about this setup, it’s nice to know that the iPad is quickly becoming more and more useful to replace some of that bulky office furniture and stationery. Genius Scan is a free app which does just what you think it does – scans. Once you’ve digitized the document with the iPad’s camera you can then export it to Box, Dropbox and Evernote amongst others as either a JPG or PDF. Some other handy apps are Trello – a computerized noticeboard for your projects – and Drafts, which will soon replace that tatty old notepad that you keep misplacing.

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iPad apps

External Pieces to Aid your iPad’s Functionality

Although apps such as the brilliantly-named If and Slack can assist you in adding new features to your iPad, or increasing the productivity of old ones, sometimes you need some extra help from the outside. Many struggle to get used to the iPad’s touch screen keyboard, so a useful addition to your technological catalog is a wireless keyboard such as Logitech’s bargain basement Keys-to-go. Other manufacturers such as New Trent and Belkin have taken this idea a few steps further, integrating features such as light-up keys and integrated water-resistant cases.

accessories for ipad

There are also countless other tools such as styluses and flash drives, some of which are unique to the iPad and some of which are for both tablets and laptops. The Apple store has plenty of gizmos and gadgets to inspire you, including Bluetooth headsets, barcode readers and ‘Chip and PIN’ card readers.

Handy Hints that Won’t Cost You a Cent

Although the temptation is to spend a small fortune transforming what is already an outstanding piece of tech into an all-singing, all-dancing machine, it’s best to take a step back and see if there are any small changes you can make to the way you use your iPad. A manual for the tablet and all of its apps would rival the Encyclopaedia Britannica if it was ever printed out, so there is no shame in not knowing some of these simple yet useful tricks. For example, turning off things when they aren’t needed, such as location services and Wi-Fi, as well as reducing the screen brightness, will help prolong the battery life. Also, if you’re not an A-grade touch typist you may wish to split the on screen keyboard. To do this, simply put two fingers on the screen and pull them apart. This is useful in situations where comfort and control is necessary … as well as if you type more quickly using your thumbs!

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In Conclusion – How to Improve your Use of the iPad

I don’t know if there’s any need to state this, but the iPad and its functionality is constantly changing. Why else would there be so many different models since its launch in 2010? So how can you make your model the best and most effective that it can be, to rival the use of a laptop? My best advice would be to sit back and analyse exactly what you use your iPad for the most and to think about what more you’d like out of it. Use official sites and the Apple Store to keep on top of which new apps are about and keep a close eye on reviews and blogs from trusted sources – they may just give you the inspiration that you need.

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