How to Save Evernote as PDF in 4 Simple Steps -

How to Save Evernote as PDF in 4 Simple Steps

For many writers, teachers and administrators, Evernote has replaced Microsoft Word as the tool of choice. Many best-of apps lists rate Evernote among the top apps. It serves as an excellent note-taking and syncing service. Evernote stores users’ notes in the cloud from which they can be accessed from anywhere. The numerous types of notes include text, audio and images. Evernote provides some of the most powerful search capabilities of any mobile app. Providing all these features in a single app makes Evernote an excellent service.

how to save evernote as pdf

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To Get an Evernote Account

You need an Evernote account to use the Evernote iPad app, but it’s free with an option to upgrade to a Premium account which is $5 per month or $45 per year. Free users can upload 60MB of new note content every month, whereas Premium account holders get 1GB a month.

At last you can save Evernote as PDF

One drawback of Evernote was the difficulty of saving files as PDF. To save Evernote as PDF the user had to create a document in Evernote, copy it to Microsoft Word, convert it to a PDF and then save it back to Evernote. Now users can save Evernote directly as a PDF with a great savings of time.

how to save evernote as pdf

To Create a PDF File

Before you can save Evernote as PDF you need to make sure your computer can create and view PDF files. Fortunately, enabling it to do so is easy and free. Just download and install Acrobat from Adobe Systems.

Creating Your Document

Create a new file following the simple prompts in the Evernote File menu.

Now you’re ready to save your Evernote file to PDF.

How to Save Evernote as pdf

1.  Click the markup item on the Evernote menu which allows you various options to mark up the document before preceding.

2.  If you’d rather just create a PDF without marking it up, right click and select Convert to PDF.

3.  The newly created PDF will be added to a new note in your default notebook.

4.  If you wish to keep the original and the PDF in the same note, merge the two together by selecting them and clicking Merge. Now you’ll have a single note with the original content and a PDF copy to email and share.

That’s it. Now you have PDF to share or annotate as you wish.

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To Annotate a PDF

Annotating a PDF in Evernote is simple and convenient. After you save a PDF in Evernote or open a PDF already in Evernote click the PDF annotation button. This will enable you to type notes, highlight, add handwritten notes, use shapes or use many other features. You can even add a signature.

how to save evernote as pdf

Your annotations will be saved to the PDF inside the Evernote note. If you select Include Markup Summary they will appear when the PDF is previewed in Evernote.

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