How to search on iPad using Spotlight -

How to search on iPad using Spotlight

iPads now come with a standard search function that can be accessed from the home screen by either swiping right or dragging down. The standard search function is known as Spotlight and it will search all contents downloaded, stored, or within known history of the iPad. The Spotlight function on the iPad is fully customizable to best fit the needs of the user.

Search on iPad using Spotlight

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Siri Suggestions

As part of the iOS 9 update, Siri is developing to become more of an assistant rather than just a novelty item. Within Spotlight, the Siri Suggestions highlight areas such as the most recent apps that were opened or the contacts that the most active. Items that factor into Siri Suggestions are current location and time of day to provide the best suggestions. Siri Suggestions does have an off feature that is accessed through the settings on the iPad.

Search on iPad using Spotlight

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Using the icons of dinner, bars, shopping, and gas, they are quick links to Yelp’s database of useful locations, once one of interest is tapped, it will launch Apple Maps. The Nearby feature will use the GPS location service on the iPad and the suggestion will vary based on the time of day.


With the help of Bing, Spotlight will display top news articles as well as search any relevant news articles when the search function is employed. Once a new title has been tapped it will launch the full story in Apple’s News app. Over time the News function will find stories that are relevant to the user’s interests.

Search Contacts

Searching in Spotlight for a contact, by simply typing the name in search field at the top of the screen, could save time when attempting to message someone or finding the appropriate contact.  This feature can assist with using the correct contact when drafting an email or calling.

Search on iPad using Spotlight

Search Email

Probably, the most beneficial feature of the Spotlight search function is that it will search the primary email connected with the iPad. Past emails become all important in gaining business information; to be able to search that information effectively allows the user to be more productive.

Search Music and Podcasts

Balance work and life by being able to search favorite songs, artists, and podcasts. Access the quick search form of Spotlight by dragging down from the home screen. When the right song for the occasion is found, if the song is tapped it will launch in Music app or it can be played directly from the search function. With podcasts, once the correct podcast is found with a tap, it will launch in the Podcasts app.

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Search Reminders and Notes

Information is key when trying to be productive in today’s fast paced world. Reminders and Notes often help accomplish more during the day or while trying to complete a project. Search important reminders to receive dates that they were completed or when they are due. Past and current notes can also become part of the desired search function for the most current information.

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