How to unsplit a keyboard from your iPad -

How to unsplit a keyboard from your iPad

In order to take advantage of the iPad’s larger display, the on screen keyboard is available for typing as if you were typing on a normal keyboard. However, a full keyboard may be seen as a disadvantage when holding the iPad. One of the features of the iPad is to split the keyboard where is it more natural to type with your thumbs when hold an iPad.

how to unsplit a keyboard from your iPad

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When you find that your keyboard is split and you are unaware of this feature, it can become frustrating to try to figure out a way to put it back to a full keyboard.  One of the benefits of the Apple iPad is that they try to make things as simple as possible when trying to unsplit your keyboard.

The Easiest Method

The easiest way on how to unsplit a keyboard from your iPad is to tap into a text field. Once the keyboard feature appears, use two fingers to pinch the two sides of the keyboard together. During your daily use of your iPad your needs change and under the standard settings you are able to draw apart or pinch together the keyboard whenever necessary.

Turning Off the Split Keyboard Feature

If you are finding that the split keyboard feature is more of hindrance than a benefit, then you are able to turn off the split keyboard feature. You will find from the home screen of the iPad to launch the settings app and tap into the “general” area. Once in the general area find the “keyboard” area and tap into it. In the keyboard area, you will find many different features for the keyboard, however, scroll down to the “Split Keyboard” area and toggle the switch. This will effectively turn the split keyboard feature off.

how to unsplit a keyboard from your iPad

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Working with a split key board has some unique benefits. Due to the fact that not everyone holds an iPad the exact same way, Apple added the undocking feature to the keyboard. When the keyboard is in the undocked mode you are able to place the keyboard wherever necessary or wherever it is most comfortable to type. To move the keyboard where you need it, just press and hold the keyboard key on the lower right corner and move it into the desired position. It is found that you may have to swing the keyboard out, to the middle of the screen then more it into position.

Once you are finished with the keyboard in the split screen and undocked position, then you are able to press and hold the keyboard key until the “dock and merge” option appears, then move your thumb to highlight the desired option. With the “dock and merge” option is selected it will place the keyboard at the bottom of the screen and merge it to a full keyboard.

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You are also able to undock a merged keyboard and placing into the desired location by pressing and holding the keyboard button until the “undock” option appears.

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