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Improve your productivity at work with your iPad!


productivity at work with your iPad

Productivity at work with your iPad!

You have your iPad, now what? You could continue to use your tablet as an excellent web surfing tool. You could also use it to play one of the many, many games out on the App Store. Or, you could simply turn it over to your spouse or your kid(s) for their enjoyment. I suggest a different path, a path that will keep your iPad in your own hands, at work…a path that will put you on a road towards increased productivity!

Chris’ straightforward layman’s approach to using the iPad was refreshing. He offers up real world advice and stories as to how he has used certain apps, keyboards, and styli on the iPad to get things done. I definitely recommend Chris’ book. For $5, you’ll get some really good advice on how to get going on the iPad quickly, I hope you enjoy the book! Daniel E. Gold, publisher

iPad Productivity eBook

This practical guide reviews information about apps and processes that will allow you to take better advantage of your tablet to improve your productivity. Here are just a few of the topics I cover in the book:

  • How to integrate your iPad with Getting Things Done®
  • Detailed overview of how to use Evernote® to manage your productivity
  • Detailed guidance on selecting a Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Description of various meeting management tools for your iPad
  • Tools on how to secure your iPad
  • In depth overview of the many Microsoft Office®-like iPad Apps
  • Reviews and resources for all major note taking apps
  • Reviews and resources for all major to-do apps
  • Over 60 pages and six chapters of useful information

Pick up a copy, it will save you 100 bucks in apps on the first day!

iPad Productivity eBook

About the author

    Chris Lee

    I am a healthcare administrator interested in being productive. I believe that the combination of a tablet (iPad Air 32GB) and a smartphone (iPhone 5 in my case) can drastically improve how we do work without adding too much complexity. The “how” of accomplishing this productivity is the focus of this blog. Here are just a few of the topics I hope to cover. Even though I use iOS devices currently I am in no way totally tied to Apple. I have used a Surface 2 for an extended time and am currently considering replacing my HP laptop with a Surface at some point, so keep reading to find out when this happens. Heck, I may even write a post some day on getting efficient with a Kindle Fire HD given that my daughter just got one for her birthday awhile back.

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