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8 Reasons Why Apple iOS8 Increases My Productivity!

iOS8 is a major leap in many respects.

There are lots of great articles and reviews of this massive update and you could certainly spend days checking out all that has changed. However, this post is focused on eight (for iOS8 of course) updates that have increased my productivity on my iPad and iPhone. By no means is this an exhaustive list of iOS8 productivity-focused update, but each change is a major step forward in overall usability and efficiency of the iPad.

  1. Support for new keyboards and quick type. I have been a bluetooth keyboard guy since my old iPad 2 and Adonit keyboard and now with my new iPad Air and the Logitech Ultraslim Folio. I originally switched to bluetooth to speed up my relatively slow typing on the iPad screen. However, iOS’s predictive text capability on both the iPad and iPhone make typing on the screen faster. Start typing and iOS shows several word options for everything you type. This does take some getting used to, but I have already gotten much faster typing on the screen, probably not faster than my Logitech, but certainly closer. Similarly, iOS8 supports other keyboards like the new iOS8 TextExpander extension. This finally brings TextExpander functionality to all apps throughout the iPad including Mail! Just install the latest version of TextExpander and then enable the app in Settings->General->Keyboards. Once enabled, click on the globe at the bottom of the screen and select the TextExpander keyboard. Now, all your snippets are available everywhere! The catch however is that this only works when using the screen keyboard, it does not work using a bluetooth keyboard. txtexpand
  2. Scanning a credit card instead of typing. Here is one I have not tested yet, but I am considering buying something for the sake of trying this functionality. I do hate typing credit card numbers and I am sure this functionality, if it works reliably; will make buying stuff even easier than it is now…just what I need!
  3. Ability to add widgets to the notification screen, Evernote in particular. The creation of widget functionality with integration on the home screen is a much needed upgrade. My favorite widget so far is Evernote’s which allows you to add information to Evernote including Text, Camera/Scans, Photos, Reminders and Checklists right from the notification scree. This is definitely a quicker way to get information but it still is not as quick for information capture as Drafts. However the Evernote widget does allow quick access to the camera for document scanning that is not possible in Drafts. enwidget
  4. Finding battery hogging apps. One of the bigger problems I have with my iOS devices is the erratic draining of the battery that happens from time to time on both my iPad and my iPhone. This new functionality located in Settings->General->Usage->Battery Usage will show the percent of battery being drained by each app over 24 hour and 5 day periods. Remember killing an app does not mean that it will drop from the app list. The point however is you get a clearer picture of what is drawing the most juice over a 24 hours – 5 day period. However useful this is I would still like to see current usage draw for now vs. for a given time period. battery
  5. Automatically adding contacts from mail. This was a pleasant addition that just popped out at me before reading about the addition. In summary, every time you receive an email from a person not in your Contacts list iOS 8 gives you the option to add the person to your contacts with the press of a button. I wish it had the ability to select a block of text from the email signature to save some data entry, but I will take was has been added as it is certainly better than cutting and pasting from email and then opening Contacts every time a new contact needs to be added. contacts
  6. Making calls from iPad using iPhone. This is another cool, unexpected add with iOS8. With this functionality the iPad can become your phone. Where this is useful is when you are working on your iPad and a call comes in; if setup correctly the incoming call will appear both on the iPad and the iPhone. This eliminates having to pick up another device. Another benefit that I see is for people like me who work in the basement or in places with sketchy cell coverage. When enabled, the iPhone can be placed somewhere in your house with better coverage than where you are sitting allowing you to effectively mitigate dead spots. The setup is not really difficult if the iPhone and iPad are on the same network and you have enabled iPhone Cellular Calls within FaceTime setup on both the iPad and the iPhone. cellular
  7. Updated clipping functionality, eliminates the gymnastics required to clip directly to Evernote, Pocket and other apps! I love this addition as it dramatically makes clipping to Evernote and other apps like Pocket vastly easier. Many different apps and processes have been created over the years because getting information into Evernote was so difficult and dependent on creating shortcuts and cutting/pasting javascript! Once configured all you need to do is select the Sharing icon from within Safari and chose Evernote (or other app). The setup entails clicking the Share button, swiping to the right and then enabling Evernote (or other available app). You are limited in how many apps you can add to the list, but I will take what I can get at this point. enclipping
  8. More integration with 1Password, can now fill passwords from Safari directly rather than using 1Password’s own browser. Finally just like in Windows and Mac OS there is direct integration from the Safari browser with 1Password. This means that you can navigate to one of your secure sites and have 1Password auto-fill usernames and password…right from Safari! This can be a big time saver and it certainly makes the process of using 1Password more available to the masses. Like clipping above, you do have to setup 1Password integration by again going to the share button within Safari and then swipe to the right on bookmarks to reveal the More button; click it and then enable 1Password. Once clicked you simply need to navigate to one of your secure sites, click the Share button in Safari and then click 1Password; the username and password will autofill as they do from within 1Password’s own browser or like they do from a PC browser.

That’s my top eight for now. I am sure there is more functionality I will discover over the coming weeks, but the above are making me more productive and definitely glad I went through the brain damage of clearing memory to make room for the big upgrade on both my iPhone and iPad.

Have you upgraded to iOS8 yet?

Have you noticed additional functionality not mentioned above that is making you more productive?

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