Use your iPad to double your productivity in 1 month

Do you feel like you never have enough time?

Does your to-do list seem be longer at the end of the day?

Do you ever feel disorganized, like your brain is in a fog all day?

I know that feeling. I was completely overwhelmed with life. Work seemed only to consist of putting out fires and chasing my tail.I found myself spending my evenings and weekends just trying to catch up on work, much less life outside of it. I missed spending time with my family and my riding hobby.

This is seriously how it felt...

I knew there had to be a way to find balance…

There had to be a way to get organized, knock out my to-do list, and be more efficient with my time.If I could just figure that out, the whole life balance thing would be a lot easier, right? It didn’t take long for me to figure out the answer to my problem was sitting right beside me.

In 2011, I got my first iPad. It was great for checking email or playing around online, but I never used it for much more than that. In fact, I didn’t even realize it could do much more than that. I soon learned how wrong I was.

The iPad is a powerful productivity machine. You just have to know how to leverage it. That’s exactly what I’ve come to learn over the last few years.

I have discovered the secret to unlocking the power of the iPad to regain hours of my time each week.

Here is how I will help you save your precious time

I learned how to tweak settings, tested dozens of apps, and improved my workflow to the point of perfection.

All of this – hundreds of hours of testing, tweaking, and real world application – has been distilled into this 107 page masterpiece:

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

You Can Replace Your Laptop

Whether you’re taking work home in the evenings, in constant meetings at work, or a seasoned road warrior who rarely sees the office, your iPad can replace your laptop.

I’ll Show you How to:

  • Use your iPad to run PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.
  • Display notes, drawings, videos and more on-screen, wirelessly.
  • ​Distribute notes, whiteboard drawings, and other critical meeting information when the meeting is over, automatically. It’s seriously like magic!

Can you imagine what it would be like to leave your laptop at your desk?

I would take my 2lb tablet over a 10lb laptop any day (not to mention the other junk that ends up in my laptop bag).

I’ll show you how to do this, even if you can’t stand typing long notes on a tablet.

Go Completely Paperless

Do you hate dealing with paper? I know I do.

I’ll show you how your iPad can completely replace the piles of paper you deal with in your life.

With a few simple tricks you can:

  • ​Scan documents, receipts and handwritten notes – and throw the paper in the shredder.
  • Sign documents electronically.
  • Use your iPad just like a legal pad (Yes, you can take handwritten notes!).

Your iPad can replace all of it and you don’t even need to be tech savvy!

Tune Your Workflow to Perfection

Knowing the best apps to use and learning a few tips and tricks is a good start, but it’s not the full picture.

You need to a workflow process that leverages the power of the iPad.

I’ll share my exact process that literally nets me hours of extra time each week.

  • Discover the powerful trick that saves hundreds of keystrokes when taking notes, sending email and more.
  • Sync all of your notes and information between your iPad and any other computer or tablet.
  • Become an organizational guru. Keep up with everything in your life without breaking a sweat. Like news, blogs, books and calendars.

I also reveal the must-have accessories to make it even easier to work on your iPad.

When I say this is a comprehensive guide, that is a major understatement!

Now, think about this…

How much is one hour of your time worth? $20? $40? $100? 

Now think about how much is 10 hours worth? 200$? 400$? 1000$?

It adds up quickly doesn’t it? In fact, if you totaled the number of hours you would save every month just by implementing half of the tricks in iPad Productivity Essentials you would be able to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

I want to be able to help as many people as possible to save time. So all of this isn’t going to cost you even a fraction of the value you can get from saving your precious time.

Not only that, you will get a 100% 30 day money back guarantee.

It’s completely risk free

So, how much is a few hours a week worth to you?

Start mastering your time

Double your productivity with your iPad in 1 month and start enjoying your free time from now on

Here is what the people say about the book


There are many web sites, blogs, ebooks, and articles which try to help you become productive on your Tablet device, be it an iPad, an Android, a Kindle Fire or whatever-your-choice-is.

The one that I have found very useful is from the web site tabletproductive.com. I highly recommend this book – it has some really good ideas in it…

Rob Wilcox Publisher at ThingsILearnedToday.net

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in using an iPad for work. I am a nurse, and certainly not a “techy” person. This is well written and easy for someone like me to understand and implement.
Because I travel some and work in multiple locations, carrying around a laptop was a hassle – and hurt my shoulders! Couldn’t be happier with keeping all of my notes from meetings on my iPad.
I am keeping all of my action items tracked, follow up, and meeting notes in one place. Magical! While it has been hard, I’m evolving away from my trusty non-searchable notebook to my trusty searchable iPad. I do feel like my productivity has increased because I’m not spending as much time searching for information.
Highly recommended, I’m hopeful I can become as organized as this author seems to be.

J. Israel

Chris’ straightforward layman’s approach to using the iPad was refreshing. He offers up real world advice and stories as to how he has used certain apps, keyboards, and styli on the iPad to get things done.
I definitely recommend Chris’ book. You’ll get some really good advice on how to get going on the iPad quickly, I hope you enjoy the book!

Daniel E. Gold Publisher at dangoldesq.com

In very simple terms, Chris provides the best approach for such things as transforming your world from a predominance of paper dependencies, into a digital one with iPad at the center and your other devices that cannot be ignored.
This is not a tips-and-tricks approach. Rather, it’s a reference guide that accelerates your conclusions about best practices, while allowing you to sidestep all the pain typically endured when uncovering new and productive solutions to everyday mobile challenges.
Get a copy. It’ll save you $100 the first day.

Bill French Publisher iPadCTO.com

Start mastering your time

Double your productivity with your iPad in 1 month and start enjoying your free time from now on

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Dean Duke

Dean is a father of 2, working full time as an IT consultant. He is an experienced tablet user, spending many years honing his skills and learning to be more productive while using his iPad. After meeting the founder of TabletProductive.com, Chris J. Lee, in 2015 he has been a main contributor to the blog ever since.