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iPad Stylus Pens: Innovations in the world of digital drawing

One of the things that make an artist’s life much easier is a stylus pen. There are different types of stylus pens, and each of them has different features, depending on which level of expertize you as an artist fall into. Of course, these products are not primarily reserved for artists only, so everyone can choose their own preferred stylus pen according to their own needs. Here are some of the traditional stylus pens that you can find today.

Adonit Jot Pro, traditional and silent

Adonit Jot Pro

Adonit Jot Pro

This is a traditional stylus pen with metal body, which works on capacitive screens. The tip of this pen is very accurate, and the nib doesn’t make a sound when you move it across the screen surface. Magnetized body that comes with it also sticks to all iPad surfaces and other tablets, especially the ones designed for illustration. Although this is a quality product, it is basically designed for amateurs in the field and the ones that are in the early stages of learning how to draw and use stylus pens. Adonit Jot Pro could be perfect if it weren’t for clumsy use when placed under certain angles, and it takes time to get used to using it.

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Musemee Notier v2, accurate and interesting 

Musemee Notier v2

Musemee Notier v2

Musemee Notier v2 is heavier and much thicker than other traditional stylus pens on the market, but that doesn’t mean that it is not better than the rest. Actually, it doesn’t feel that way at all when you hold it in your hands. It looks and feels thin and light. It is very accurate, and one of its best features is its clear disc nib. It uses a thin round rubber tip, as opposed to other traditional pens, whose tips are fat and can make scratches on the capacitive screen. It also has great cap design which is placed on the other side of the tip, so when you want to use the tip, you just unscrew it and attach it to the body of the pen.

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Pencil by 53, responsive, with an ability to blend 

Pencil by 53

Pencil by 53

Pencil is a Bluetooth stylus pen that easily works with Paper for iPad, it is accessible, and it works beautifully and with ease. It is not round in shape like most of the traditional stylus pens out there, but instead it has a flat design, which is a bit hard to get used to at first. Nevertheless, it feels like a real pen, because it has no buttons and no on and off switch on it. The tip of Pencil is accurate and responsive, although not as durable as one might think at first. This stylus pen will also blend perfectly when drawing, without breaking your flow of creativity. Another great feature is the eraser. You just flip the other side of the Pencil stylus pen which has an eraser, and erase the mistakes you’ve made on the screen, without having to switch between the drawing and eraser tool every time a mistake in your drawing occurs.

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Adobe Ink and Slide, stylus pen and ruler

Adobe Ink and Slide

Adobe Ink and Slide

It has a standard Apple design, which includes aluminum, soft curves and limited buttons on the sides of the pen. Ink has a triangular shape, with a small twist that spreads down the whole length of the pen, an interesting and attractive design, for sure. The tip is made of plastic, which means that the resistance of the screen is minimal. It has the single function button that serves as the control center for every other function that this stylus pen offers, like on and off control, synching, sketching and more. The other part of this product is Slide, which looks like a small ruler, only digital, which enables you to activate a multi – touch input which then activates the ruler option in Adobe’s drawing apps. This product connects in cloud, and fast, the pen pressure is sensitive, and overall impression of both parts, the Ink and the Slide, is an interesting new accessory in the world of Adobe.


All in all, traditional stylus pens are a great way for amateurs to learn the perks of these tools and use it to their own advantage, and for more professional artists who pay attention to style, elegance and ease of use. Most of these accessories are easy to use, and each of them has some special feature that makes them different from the rest, and in that way, they give us a chance to experience the quality of each product, usually for an affordable price.

image sources: iMore, 9to5mac

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