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Jot Flip, An amazing Stylus for your iPad!

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  • High quality feel
  • Heavy and significant
  • Nice retractible ink pen
  • Excellent writing quality on the iPad
  • A much more accurate stylus


  • Stylus is different, worry that the disk will fall off
  • Pen has a tendency to retract when writing; at least for lefties
  • Expensive, almost $40!

I am a pen whore, I admit it. For whatever reason I have always loved the feel of a good pen. Maybe it was the Cross I swiped from my grandfather as a kid or maybe I just love the high quality feel that a heavy, significant pen brings. Even though I write a blog about going paperless I am under no misconceptions that pens are going away anytime soon. In fact, I still treasure my collection of pens, some high quality, some cheap and all of them awesome.

It is with this context that I write this review of the Adonit Jot Flip. I have to say that the moment I set my eyes on the packaging of the pen I knew that the Jot Flip was going to be something special. The first thing that came to mind was the tiny little metal point on the tip of the pen. This point is about the size of a medium to large ball point pen. I of course knew that the pen has a small plastic disc that connects attaches to this tip and glides across the iPad screen but I point out the size of the tip in comparison to the typical stylus’s on the market; basically 1/4 inch bulbs of rubber or strange little tangles of recycled rubber or plastic. The main writing surface of the Jot is a tiny little piece of metal suspended by the disk. And this is the secret of the Jot’s amazing accuracy!

So, how is the writing experience? In short, the writing experience is awesome, and works best in Penultimate. I found I could stay within the lines much easier than with than with Remarks or Notability, but this was in free-hand mode. In zoom mode on Remarks or Notability, the writing experience is just as great. I think the difference is a function of the quality of these writing apps; Penultimate simply has an excellent writing experience whereas Notability is a little less smooth, see my reviews of Remarks, Notability and Penultimate. I also tried the Adonit on the Paper Writing App, review here; and found the experience quiet excellent! There was none of that weird resistance you find with standard rubber tipped syluses; the Adonit slides over the screen like an ink pen glides over the high quality paper of nice stationary or the pages of a Moleskin.

The pen part of the Adonit works very much like a mechanical pencil you might find an architect using. The point retracts into the barrel with a twist which protects your clothes from leaks and allows for the cap to remain over the plastic disk. In fact the retractible pen design reminded me of the weapon the alien bounty hunter wielded in one of my favorite shows of all time; the X-Files;but, I digress. The pen produces a very fine ink line, which is a little fine for me. I generally like my lines a bit thicker, but I should not be writing enough to be too picky. The overall feel of the pen in hand is very similar to that of a high quality Cross or Parker; the Adonit has heft in hand. The center of the pen is made of rubber which helps keep it from slipping from your hand under its weight. This is a nice design, but for lefties like me the rubber has a tendency to retract the point gradually back into the barrel as you are writing. I suspect that this would get really annoying if I was writing a lot, but again I will be using the pen sparingly.

So, would I recommend the Adonit Flip as a stylus? Absolutely! If of course you are willing to spend $40 on a pen. In summary, the decision to buy this pen comes down to your wiliness to pay a little more for a high quality tool. Would you rather have a product you know will work long into the future, that has the overall quality that matches the cost of the product, that looks great or are you more apt to use the standard pens passed out at your office or the cheap pens you get in a hotel? If you are the latter, stick with the cheap stylus’ found at Brookstone or Target. However, if you appreciate quality and a product that works great, go for the Adonit.

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