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Manage your project with these collaboration platforms

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Many of the readers of using their iPad for work asked me to write more articles about project management. More specifically, the most requested topics were how to follow up a project and how to manage your team using a tablet.

I think it’s a good idea (by the way, don’t hesitate to propose topics you are interested in, I’ll be glad to write about it!).

Since I use myself an iPad to follow up my projects, I decided to accomplish their wishes.

your wish is granted

So let’s begin with a list of collaboration platforms you can use to manage your projects when you are away from your desk (or at your desk if you use your tablet everywhere).

Note: I’ll be reviewing some of the platforms in more detail in further articles.


I start with wich I consider one of the best collaboration platforms. The Trello board, as they call it, is like your virtual table with multiple tasks, reminders, resource information and everything else important for your project/business. Multiple members can log in together and several cards will depict each important task. These then get updated real-time when any member changes any information or re-prioritizes tasks or objectives. The Trello board is super-easy to work on and also looks good with customizable backgrounds. Users can upload files from their hard disk or their Google Drives right onto the board and share information with other members. The tool is designed to be flexible on both laptops and mobile devices.

  • Strengths – It’s the best free tool out there and it makes otherwise drab tasks and notes simplified visually.
  • Pricing – Pricing is one of Trello’s big advantages. It’s free. Apart from that, they have a Business plan at $9/user/month, which provides certain extra features.
  • App – Available on iTunes
  • Website –


Create a project, make a group, invite your participants and give the group or project a name. Freedcamp is the easy tool that allows users to set up tasks, assign teams to it and discuss them in detail. The software has a strong SSL encryption by default. It also promises an Open Source Warranty so that even if the service ceases, all its users will have access to their projects.

  • Strengths – Its simplicity and efficient functionality.
  • Pricing – This tool is free for most of the features, and have premium plans from $1 to $8 per user and per month.
  • App – Available on iTunes
  • Website –


This is one of the online tools to collaborate with multiple users on projects. The tasks are assigned and deadlines fixed, as users can check their content from any platform from any part of the world. Users can start projects and discussions on several topics or participate in existing ones, allowing for sharing of feedback and thoughts. The service is well protected with passwords and provides free training webinars every week.

  • Strengths – Daily task recaps help users work straight from their mailbox and get reminders on their daily tasks to finish. All plans feature unlimited users.
  • Pricing – Free, for  teachers and students, 99$/month otherwise (unlimited users and projects). There is a 50% discount for non-profits and charities.
  • App – Available on iTunes
  • Website –


This tool goes above the usual tasks performed by other online task management tools. Mavenlink assists in efficient planning of resources, finances and in project management. The makers of this software also understand that choosing the right strategies for important tasks should also help the business in improving profitability. Collaborating with teams and assigning deadline-based tasks is all done under one roof. Users can also get to see the results of their decisions and actions in terms of improved ROI and team performances. Mavenlink allows for seamless integration of information with Google Apps and uses PayPal to help you pay vendors and generate invoices.

  • Strengths – The company’s partnerships with Google, Microsoft, Intuit and NetSuite are a bonus for users apart from their impressive 24:7 customer service.
  • Pricing – Mavenlink is priced at $19/mo for Teams plan and 39$/user/month for Professional plan. The difference between the two is mainly the project accounting feauture available in the latter.
  • Website –

So, which one is the best collaboration platform?

As I always say, there is no perfect tool for everyone. Everything depends on your needs and your budget constraints.

If you ask me what is my personal preference, I would say Trello, which is the tool I use currently. It is probably the best option for small teams. Freedcamp is a good option as well for simple projects.

Mavenlink and Basecamp are more adapted to larger projects, since they have more features and cost more.

And you? Have you used any of these platforms? What do you think about it?

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    Dean is a father of 2, working full time as an IT consultant. He is an experienced tablet user spending many years honing his skills and learning to be more productive while using his iPad. After meeting the founder of, Chris J. Lee in 2015, he has been a main contributor to the blog ever since.

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