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MeetingGold, an app that will make your meetings more efficient on your iPad




  1. Fast note taking functionality, very easy to document meeting notes
  2. Flexible meeting organization options, can insert meeting parts anywhere on the meeting document
  3. Configurable export options, you can add or remove any meeting part
  4. Excellent Outlook integration, MeetingGold does a great job inputting meeting attendees and details as meeting templates
  5. Fast, Meeting Gold launches fast and stays fast no matter how many apps I have running in the background
  6. Excellent help documentation


  1. User interface is basic, short on graphical niceties
  2. No direct Evernote connectivity

I have used several iOS Meeting Apps over the past few years. The first app was Peak Meetings, reviewed back in November 2011 and then described again in January 2012 here. I later moved onto to Evernote via my meeting template, described here after I realized that Evernote was the place where my minutes ended up anyway. I used my Evernote template for the remainder of 2012 until I discovered Beesy, reviewed here. What is interesting about Beesy is that the app is designed specifically to walk the meeting organizer through a meeting process where there is often no process. Beesy helps you conduct better meetings not just because the app helps document the meeting but because it applies process templates and prompts to help you do a better job running a meeting. And, this is the space where MeetingGold exists; where apps are designed to help you do a better job through repeatable and logical processes. MeetingGold exists quite well in the process-driven space because it provides some very useful tools to make your meetings more efficient and effective.

MeetingGold makes you a better organizer and note taker by prompting you to consider the things that are most important to make a meeting successful. For instance, Meeting Gold facilitates meeting notes by providing the following major meeting parts:

  • Agenda Item
  • Action Item
  • Question
  • Free Text
  • Picture, i.e a white board shot or a diagram
  • Attachment, i.e. attaching notes, actions items, or other information from another meeting
  • Summary section
  • Meeting part, similar to Attachment above

The process of using any of these “parts” is very easy as there is an icon for each part at the bottom of the meeting document you are creating. Additionally, you can insert any one of the items anywhere on a document by clicking on the icon on the far left of the screen. This provides a lot of flexibility to build minutes by ordering its parts anyway you want. An example might be keeping the Agenda at the top of the document, Action Items at the bottom, text in the middle and the Summary on the last line. MeetingGold also provides the ability to cut and paste an item from anywhere to anywhere as needed.

There are several interesting productivity ideas included in MeetingGold worth mentioning. The first is the ability to import document parts from any of the views on the home screen into a meeting note. The use case for this would be importing open action items from a prior meeting as agenda items in the current meeting. This eliminates the need to switch back and forth between documents or apps to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Another interesting idea is the concept of the “Chase Date”. This is a date added to an action item in addition to the due date. The idea is that the responsible party agrees to a date when the meeting organizer/project manager will follow-up to validate that a task is on track. This assures that the meeting organizer/project manager has more confidence a task will be accomplished on time. The chase also provides the responsible party a reminder to complete the task on time.

One of the coolest features of MeetingGold are the output options. You have the ability to export as much or as little information in the meeting minutes. The app includes several defaults including three that match the various screen configurations (MIN, MID, MAX which correspond to the level of detail you decide to display) as well as a setting to export Actions/Questions and a final one that only displays the Agenda items. Beyond these defaults, you can select or deselect any of the many document parts ranging from the attendees to text sections and finally to Chase Dates and Goals.


MeetingGold provides excellent note navigation options where you can access your prior minutes, notes and tasks from 27 different views. You can look at a list of all your minutes, a list of phone calls (another template included), a list of your open tasks, a list of tasks by others, a list of tasks with chase dates, etc. As my meeting archive grows the ability to sort and filter my documents will be enormously useful.

Overall, I like MeetingGold a lot. I am extremely efficient at preparing for meetings and documenting them using MeetingGold. The integration with my calendar works very well and never misses pulling the appropriate email addresses into my meeting documents. The export functionality allows me to create professional looking minutes. Unfortunately there is no direct Evernote connectivity, but I can of course email a copy of the minutes to Evernote for further processing.

Have you tried MeetingGold?

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