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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings on the iPad

Ever wonder what it would be like to eliminate meeting minutes? Ever wonder what it would be like to remember everything that happened in a meeting….and better yet, have your coworkers remember as well? As I have said here and here, the iPad is a wonderfully unobtrusive tool for documenting stuff in meetings. The problem is choosing the right app and workflow to improve your productivity. Let me describe one app and one workflow that has worked for me.

I did a review of Peak Meetings here; even received a nice response from the developer on some of his plans for app improvements. In summary, what I liked about the app then, I still like and what I did not like has been resolved.

As the developer mentioned in his comments the biggest benefit of Peak is the structure that it provides the meeting organizer. Most meetings suck because the organizer

  1. does not create an agenda prior to the meeting
  2. does not follow an agenda during a meeting (if one was created)
  3. does not capture action items
  4. does not capture notes

Peak provides sections for each of these items along with many others. Why this works is that Peak forces me to take the time to plan and prepare prior to the meeting which saves time during and after the meeting. So, without further delay, here is the workflow!

1. Create the Meeting “Container” by importing your Meeting details from your Calendar

I always select the Basic meeting type as I prefer the simplest setup with the least amount of “sections”.


Peak imports meeting details from Outlook, Google Calendar or any other calendar you have integrated into your iPad. Details imported include attendees (including their email address) and meeting location. Just select the calendar and Peak does the rest.

2. Define the meeting Goal

Why the heck are you having the meeting? If you don’t have a clear goal or purpose for your meeting, cancel it now!

3. Add your Agenda Items

Kind of obvious. If you are a more advanced user than me you can “link” your agenda items to other sections in the meeting like the “Current Situation” for brain storming or problem solving meetings. I  have not tried this yet even though I complained about not having this ability in my original review. Maybe next week!

4. Send out the agenda to your attendees prior to the meeting

Click on the “Email” button from the main meeting screen. You navigate to this screen by clicking on the “bullets” icon on the upper right side of the screen:

This brings you the main navigation screen for all things Peak:



Selecting “Email” creates an email message which includes a nice summary of your Agenda and any notes you might have added. The email is pre-addressed to all attendees attached to your meeting…just click Send!

5. Run the meeting

Setup the screen for note-taking by bringing up the “Detail + Notes” view. This particular view allows you to view the Agenda and Notes at the same time for efficient note-taking. From this screen you can also add Action Items by clicking the right-pointing arrow at the top-left side of the screen (not the check mark, but the arrow to the right of the check mark).


Here is how your screen should look.



6. Send out the minutes!

Once you are done send out the minutes just like you did for the Agenda, by clicking the “Email” button. Peak will include all sections that you took notes in including the Agenda, Notes and Action Items.

Another trick I use is to bcc my Evernote email address when sending out the minutes. Sounds like a nice post topic!

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