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REVIEW: Innovative Care Air Professional Case for iPad Air


TouchFire review

I have working my way through some of the newer case options available for the iPad starting with my TouchFire review a few weeks ago. The next review up is for the innovative care Air Professional Case. Having used the case for a few weeks I have been pleased with it overall and quite impressed with the quality of construction and usability. The case is extremely flexible and professional in appearance and provides a good bit of protection for your iPad. Read on for more details.


  1. Professional appearance
  2. Durable construction
  3. Nice flexibility in viewing angles both for the lap top and on the desk top
  4. Interesting shoulder strap
  5. Cover that allows for picture taking even when folded back; eliminates the need to remove the iPad from the case to take pictures


  1. I am not a fan of cases that cover the top of the iPad
  2. The case itself sometimes impedes access to to down swipes and left-right/right-left swipes.
  3. A bit heavy for a non-plastic case

The first impression I had when I un-boxed the case was the quality construction. The material the case is made from is a rubber-like canvas that feels durable and high-quality. Unlike the TouchFire and other similar cases, the Air Professional holds the iPad with a fabric enclosure and a flap that slides between the back of the iPad and the back of the case. This is definitely a secure design, but one that has the potential of obscuring swipes from top to bottom and side to side. This is because the case’s fabric is fairly thick, and cropped tight right up to the edge of the screen. However, after using the case for a few days I became accustomed to this issue and easily adapted.


An interesting feature of the case is the included shoulder strap which turns the case into a very small briefcase. Additionally, the strap provides a way to keep the iPad around your neck as you do other things. A potential use that comes to mind are for care givers or photographers that use their iPad while they move around on the go. Not being a person that uses my iPad while standing or walking, the strap does not seem as useful. However, I am confident that many people would find value in this unique feature. The strap is not really a surprise given that Innovative Care also sells some pretty cool tablet bags as well.

One of the coolest features has to be the cut out on the cover. I think of this feature as the “why didn’t someone think of this sooner” feature. The benefit is that you can take pictures without having to awkwardly hold the iPad with the cover hanging awkwardly, with the Professional can you simply flip the case back and snap away. In addition to the cover cutout, the Professional has the expected viewing angle options including for both lap and the table-top viewing. The method for both of these angles is a small flap on the back of the case, exactly like the original iPad 1. Not sophisticated or creative, but simple and effective.


The Professional

Overall the Professional is a solid case with some unique features. At $59.99 the Professional is a bit pricey given that the TouchFire Case is $10 cheaper at $49.99. However, the Professional is a different animal with its professional appearance, shoulder strap and unique top cover cutout. Are these features worth the additional 10 bucks? It depends on what you value; the Professional will look great in the board room and provides plenty of useful features that make it a productive addition to your iPad. Take a look at their site and make the choice yourself.

Next, a review of some of the cool products offered on!


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