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Six Productivity iPad Apps for College Students

There are so many productivity apps out there it can be difficult to decide which are right for you. As a college student it can become an even greater decision as you try to organise your studies simply into one gadget instead of lugging your laptop to campus every day, and getting it wrong can ruin whole days study. Here are a few of the most highly recommended apps to help any student through their studies.

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ReadQuick Speed Reader

This is a great one to have even before you get to college as ReadQuick is an app that will teach you an essential college (and indeed general life) skillspeed reading. Type in a web address or pick a news article and then it is displayed on your screen one word at a time. Adjust the settings and you can gradually ramp up the words per minute, training yourself to read at much quicker speeds. Great for reading online content at speed and then for reading anything faster once you have used it for a while.

iA Writer

iA Writer

This app is great for when you just need to write and all the pesky formatting stuff just gets in the way. It is simple and free from distractions, meaning your hands need not lift from the keyboard. It even uses markdown if you are used to formatting straight from text, but if you simply need to get all your thoughts organised into body text, this app is definitely a winner. Many great writers use it, and Stephen Fry listed it as one of the four apps he simply couldn’t live without. It also works great with a Bluetooth keyboard.


Textastic Code Editor for iPad

Generally held to be the best way to code on an iPad, and an absolute essential for anyone taking any kind of computer science course. With integrated support to work with FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and Dropbox support, so you’ll be able to pluck the code you need and edit no matter where it is. The interface is clear and free from distractions, but also packs in many features such as giving you control over colour and fonts. You can even use your own TextMate syntax definitions. Sadly it will cost you $7.99 on the Apps Store, but it comes highly recommended with a five star rating for the current version.

iTunes U

iTunes U

iTunes U works a bit like a virtual professor, providing free access to course from universities around the world. Adding to your learning experience in as many different ways as possible is often the key to studying effectively, and iTunes U really capitalises in this respect with videos, presentation and guides. Top up your current courses or try out one you’re thinking of taking next semester. Or simply find something you’ve been stuck on for ages explained in a different way. There is absolutely nothing to lose with this great knowledge machine of a free app.

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Trello is a task management system. It uses boards, lists and cards to organise your projects. Each card can hold files, comments and more lists. The standard lists on a board are ‘to do’, ‘doing’ and ‘done’ but these can be added to (for example ‘in review’) or changed to suit your needs. Trello is now also being used by a number of big business, especially those using Agile software development methods, so not only can it help organise your studies now knowledge of it could give you a boost in the future.

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Great for managing your stash of digital books, but also even better for PDfs and ePUB files. Download them through Safari and read at your leisure. The bookshelf is also a really easy way to organise your many notes into collections, especially useful for seeing all the files you have for a particular course together in the same place. It’s also great for quick revision on the move, and the bookshelves arrangement is strangely satisfying to look at the end of the semester to see how much you have got through. There’s also the bonus of many of the classics are available for free, such as the works of Jane Austen, very useful for literature students, or anyone on a budget wanting some free reading.

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