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Go paperless, start using digital post-it notes

We all wish we had invented the first “repositional note” back in 1977. In fact, both the adhesive and iconic yellow color were created by accident! While various formats and colors of sticky notes have emerged since 3M’s original patent for the 3” square expired in 1997, the fundamental way these notes are used has remained unchanged – until now.

Quite fittingly, Post-It, the brand behind the original sticky note, has developed a free app that resolves the primary drawback of using hard copy notes: organization. We all have that coworker with whose desk is plastered with notes like a modern art installation. At home, we remember writing something important down on a note, but can’t remember where we left the note. Post-it Plus offers a fun, user-friendly experience that not only wrangles, but also archives our sticky notes by converting them into digital post-it notes.

After downloading the free app, the user can arrange multiple sticky notes on a flat surface. The tutorial shows that over a dozen notes can be processed simultaneously. Using your iPad’s camera, a single snapshot will be taken to make a digital copy. The app then neatly groups these digital notes on to a virtual board. For added productivity, these now digital sticky notes can be cropped and rotated. There is also a limited tool that can enhance contrast. If you accidentally photographed an unwanted note, its digital counterpart can easily be unchecked and deleted. Conversely, a missing note can be recreated and added to a board to avoid having to start again from scratch.

Another great feature in the Post-it Plus app is the “Edit Note” function. Digital post-it notes can be isolated and modified. Users can select one of four “marker” colors (black, red, blue or green) to make free hand comments. There is an eraser tool available if one purchases the Editor’s Pack for $1.99. However, the option to simply cancel markups is free. This upgrade also allows users to “add a vibrant splash of color” to notes and “rapidly create notes to be added into a combined group”. The 15 additional color options would definitely assist with color-coded activities. Fortunately, the most productive editing tool is free. The keyboard option allows users to add text to digital notes. There is only one font type available, but it is very legible and text is automatically centered on the digital note.

Once a board is finalized, it can be shared and exported. Boards can be shared through e-mail, Facebook and iBooks. The board can also be saved directly to an iPad’s library as a photo or printed. There are several export options for boards: PDF; PowerPoint; Excel and ZIP. Available destinations include Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive and Box.

This app is not to be confused with the conventional Stickies application available on other Mac computers. For starters, Post-it Plus is much more fluid as users can draw graphics. Additionally, users don’t have to retype information into a new note – they can simply photograph and upload notes they already have.

One particularly useful benefit of Post-it Plus is scheduling projects with dependent milestones that impact one another. For example, if you’re renovating your kitchen, the cabinets need to be installed before the countertop may be measured. Users can create virtual calendars using 31 notes to represent days of the month. Milestones, like “Install Cabinets” and “Measure Granite”, can be assigned to a particular day. Should there be a delay with the cabinet installation, notes can be quickly updated to reflect the new schedule and prevent further delays.

At the workplace, traditional sticky notes are often used in brainstorming sessions for anything from product development to training. Post-it Plus allows facilitators to quickly document and organize notes for fine-tuning and easy distribution. As a result, ideas will be recorded more accurately and processed faster.

If you’re a sticky-phile, downloading this free app will definitely make your life easier. Version 1.2.6 of Post-it Plus is currently available in the App Store. The Capture Demo Mode will give first time users a solid understanding of how the app will work. Within minutes you’ll be able to organize all those miscellaneous sticky notes around your house or office into a centralized place where they can be easily edited and shared with family, friends and colleagues.

And, do you use post-its at work? Do you plan to use Post-it Plus to digitalize them? Let me know your thoughts by commenting this article!

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