Stay focused with our inspirational productivity quotes! -

Stay focused with our inspirational productivity quotes!


As you may know, is being completely redesigned. Lots of awesome new content are being prepared to help you enhance your productivity in 2017.

One of the novelties I’m excited to announce is the #ProductiveQuote of the day!

What is it? Basically I will be publishing every day an inspirational quote that made me think about my productivity.

Personally, I just love quotes. Most of the time they transmit a lot of wisdom in so few words. And often they amazingly trigger good ideas and help me to compose myself when things don’t go as I expect. So I really wanted to share with you these humble words.

The quotes will be available only on’s social profiles in the beginning:

I’ll also try to make them available on the website in the next weeks.

I will inaugurate the #ProductiveQuote of the day with a tribute to Obama, as today is his last day as president.

Barack Obama

I would be glad to hear what do you think about it! And if you like them, don’t hesitate to share in social media!

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