The Best iPad Stylus for Note Taking -

The Best iPad Stylus for Note Taking

Selecting the best iPad stylus for your note taking needs is a decision that must be made carefully and given much thought.  First and foremost, consider the tasks you will use the stylus for most frequently, which apps you hope to use to take notes, and how closely you want to mimic the experience of writing with pen and paper.  Once you have narrowed down those particulars, turn your focus to the quality of the stylus’ tip, whether or not you mind having to change batteries or charge the device, and of course, what your budget is.

Technology is constantly improving.  That is as clear-cut as the fact that humans need air, food, and water to survive.  What is not as straightforward is choosing which iPad stylus is right for your note taking needs.  If you want to take notes by hand but do not wish to carry your iPad, notebook, pen, highlighters, and other supplies, then a stylus is the right tool for you.

Best iPad Stylus for Note Taking

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Why Use a Stylus

There are many people who are of the opinion that a stylus is simply unnecessary.  However, I respectfully disagree.  My stylus is a tool that I have come to treasure and use every day for note taking and more.  Using a stylus has improved my accuracy when taking notes on an iPad and even keeps my screen cleaner in comparison to when I use my hands.  As a neat freak, this is something I really appreciate.

These two reasons alone are quite convincing, but beyond that, a stylus allows for better visibility while note taking as your hand is out of the way and does not obstruct your view.  Furthermore, the design of a stylus allows for it to glide much more smoothly over your iPad screen than your finger can.

The BoxWave EverTouch Meritus Capacitive iPad Styra and the GoSmart Professional 200 are perfect choices for novices looking to get their feet wet when beginning their journey into researching the perfect stylus for their needs.  To find out which product “feels” right for you, consider your desire for compatibility paired with natural writing ability, tip style, with or without batteries/charging, and your budget.

BoxWave EverTouch Meritus Capacitive iPad Styra

GoSmart Professional 200

Compatibility with Apps

If you are loyal to one particular app for taking notes, then your iPad stylus selection will rely heavily on its ability to work seamlessly with that particular app.  Shop around to find a stylus that has the features you want while allowing you to continue taking notes in your preferred manner.  The DotPen touts itself as the right fit for any user based on its ability to synch with “top apps.” Best iPad Stylus for Note Taking

Some apps that are popular among DotPen’s users include Evernote, Paper by FiftyThree, and ProCreate.  Since this stylus is so versatile in its ability to connect with an array of apps, you may discover a new one that you enjoy even more than your current selection.  A word of caution, though: many Amazon customers found that although this stylus claimed to be compatible with many apps, it fell short in delivering a high quality product that worked smoothly and allowed for the same feeling as writing with pen and paper.

If your favorite app is not listed as a compatible option, you may wish to reconsider this stylus in favor of one that will give you a more natural feel while note taking.  For stylus users who are not locked into any one particular app and are new to using this tool for note taking, consider broadening your horizons based on ability to reproduce an experience similar to using paper and pen rather than limiting yourself with compatibility issues.

Best iPad Stylus for Note Taking

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A Natural Writing Experience

There are a multitude of options for all iPad stylus users, and one important point to consider when making your selection is how naturally the stylus allows you to write.  Stylus products have been designed to give the sensation of using a pen and paper without the hassle of organizing multiple tools.  However, many first time users find that there is a learning curve when writing using a stylus.  This is mainly because you cannot lean your hand on the iPad and must conscientiously hold the stylus with more care while taking notes.  The end result for many is that the user must alter his or her natural writing inclinations.

One stylus that seems to be an Amazon customer favorite is the amPen Capacitive Stylus: Ultra-sensitive.  This is because it allows users to write seamlessly and gives a more “natural” writing experience while lessening the learning curve.  The amPen Capacitive Stylus allows you to have the ability to organize all of your work in one place while continuing to take notes by hand in an app of your choosing.  Better yet, users are able to quickly assimilate to writing with this type of stylus, as it is quite comparable to using any other writing tool.

Rubber Quality

There is much debate over which stylus to use when assessing the quality of its rubber tip.  A soft tip is often criticized as “mushy” when used for writing, which is a major drawback.  However, a soft stylus tip allows for easy ability to replace when worn, which makes it stand apart from its competition.  One of the best pens on the market is the Bamboo Stylus Pen.  Customers overlooked the soft tip as a weakness in favor of its ability to write smoothly and perform at a high standard while note taking.  However, keep in mind that there is an additional cost if the tip of the stylus needs to be frequently replaced.

It may be worthwhile to investigate a tool that has a longer lasting tip, such as BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive claims to have with its innovative technology.  Using FiberMesh technology allows this stylus to edge out its competition, and its customers agree: a longer lasting pen tip does make a world of difference.  There are a multitude of options available, so do not limit yourself based on one quick, rash decision.

Batteries Not Included

Most stylus pens on the market do not require batteries.  However, some do.  Be aware of whether or not your selected tool requires batteries, if they are included, how long they will last, and if they are traditional (such as double A) or more costly and difficult to find.  Instead of batteries, some pens must be charged.  Again, it is important to be aware of this prior to making a purchase.

If you are a frequent traveler, have a demanding schedule, or wish to be battery and charger-free, then these are important factors to consider when selecting your stylus.  Some users favor a Bluetooth powered stylus that frees them from downloading specific apps or software for compatibility purposes.  However, these tools, such as the Adonit Jot Touch 4 Bluetooth, do require batteries and/or charging, so weigh the pros and cons before committing to this type of stylus. The Adonit Jot Touch is very similar to the Adonit Jot Flip, which we did a review on a few years back here.

Best iPad Stylus for Note Taking

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The Price is Right

Generally, price dictates quality.  However, thanks to the abundance and variety of stylus products on the market today, your budget does not have to limit you to products of lesser standards.  Many of the options mentioned previously are reasonably priced, like the amPen Capacitive Stylus.

Costs rise in favor of compatibility, soaring for the versatile and app friendly DotPen.  You will also pay more for Bluetooth compatibility with Adonit Jot Touch 4 Bluetooth.

No matter your budget, prioritize based on the features that you consider to be most important.  Then, do some shopping around to find the best deal that checks off most of the boxes on your wish list.  Thanks to the competition from multiple similar items on the market, it is likely that sales or fair prices will not be in short supply when it comes to your perfect stylus. Reading reviews like this one will also help you in making your decision. Make sure you check out the user reviews under each product in Amazon as well.

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Video Review and Conclusion

I found this amazing video on YouTube that goes through some of the most Popular options for iPad Stylus. There are a lot of useful tips and close views of pens that you wouldn’t get just by looking at an Amazon listing page.

All that is left is for you to ask yourself one simple question; which stylus is right for your note taking needs?  Do you care more about the ability to connect seamlessly to your favorite apps, or is it more important for you to be free of batteries and chargers?  Is it imperative that you mimic your traditional writing experience, or is the type of stylus tip a deal breaker for you?  Regardless of your budget and priorities, the right tool will enhance your ability to take notes with ease.  There are a plethora of options available at your fingertips just waiting to make your next note taking experience unforgettable.

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