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The real solution to improving productivity with the iPad

I have often struggled to come up with post ideas on how to improve productivity using an iPad. In fact I often wonder if the whole topic is wide enough to warrant a blog at all. I have read many, many how-to articles on blogging and content creation that get at how to pick a blog focus. The answer I have come up with? Well, I haven’t to be honest. What I know is that the iPad and tablet computing in general will be an integral part of computing in the coming years and maybe even decade. Some still argue that the iPad is more of a content consumption device, others feel that the future is somewhere between the Mac Air and the upcoming ultra books.

The answer? Who knows! I personally believe that the iPad will continue to be a huge part of the picture and will continue to innovate and ultimately change the way we all use computers In business. I also believe that to many the iPad is still an under-utilized tool wasting away playing music and streaming YouTube videos. Yes, many companies and industries are changing work with clever and useful apps (notice the last line in the article about the iPad2 vs. the New iPad, sound familiar?). But, for the office worker without a clever IT organization or a job that is not easily translated into an app the iPad remains a more pleasing iPhone/Droid, I.e. a better email machine. And this is what I have written about and will continue to write about; how to change your content-consumption tablet into something truly useful. I will continue to implement my own small tests of change via new apps and processes in the never-ending search for a more efficient way to get my work done.

The solution you ask? There really is no solution, there is just journey. Just as Moore’s Law forever put us on this never ending treadmill of faster and faster processors, the process to leverage the fruits of these processors is never ending as well. To that end I will continue to write about how my shinny new iPad 2 is transforming my own work. Hopefully you will learn a little something yourself…so that you can save a bit of time for what is really important.

What’s next you ask? Here are a few future blog posts I hope to put out in the coming weeks:

  1. Paper Review
  2. Updated Evernote workflow
  3. Updated Notetaker Smackdown Post
  4. Task manager head to head
  5. Starting a new job with my iPad, I.e. making it all electronic from Day 1

Are there any other topics you would like to see me write about?


How is your own iPad Productivity Journey progressing?



About the author

    Chris Lee

    I am a healthcare administrator interested in being productive. I believe that the combination of a tablet (iPad Air 32GB) and a smartphone (iPhone 5 in my case) can drastically improve how we do work without adding too much complexity. The “how” of accomplishing this productivity is the focus of this blog. Here are just a few of the topics I hope to cover. Even though I use iOS devices currently I am in no way totally tied to Apple. I have used a Surface 2 for an extended time and am currently considering replacing my HP laptop with a Surface at some point, so keep reading to find out when this happens. Heck, I may even write a post some day on getting efficient with a Kindle Fire HD given that my daughter just got one for her birthday awhile back.


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