Use Evernote to Manage Meetings -

Use Evernote to Manage Meetings

I have written a lot about transforming productivity with Evernote. In fact, my whole productivity system is now completely managed by Evernote and it all started when I read Daniel’s E. Gold’s eBook. Other than providing confidence and structure on how to use Evernote to manage productivity, Daniel’s eBook provided some very useful Evernote templates to manage things such as projects, clients and contacts. Well, I came up with my template to manage meetings.

I have written here and here about using Peak Meetings to track meetings. In fact, I used Peak to manage meetings for almost a year. Well, I am finding that Evernote for me is easier to use and much more integrated. As I wrote in my Evernote series, one the most useful features is the note linking feature. Linking is powerful because you can create project and/or meeting notes that link to other material that you have stored in Evernote. The reason this is so efficient is that you can create a note that has links to all the reference material you may need for that meeting. Quiet simply, this saves times by eliminating flipping through agendas and pieces of paper. Think of what it would be like to show up for a client visit or a budget meeting with your iPad, appropriate connector cable and a small projector. This setup would allow you to run a complicated meeting that would normally need tons of paper and printing costs.

Take a look at my template here. If you like the template, click on “Save” to add it to your own Evernote Account.

Download the template and give this workflow a try:

  1. Open the template from your iPad or computer
  2. Copy the note and then create a new note for your next meeting
  3. Use the new note to track minutes
  4. Finish the notes right after the meeting on your iPad or computer
  5. Send the note to yourself via email
  6. Send out the note to all the attendees from your work email

That’s it!

So, how can you use Evernote to run your meetings?

What would you add to my template?


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