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What Is The Best iPad Mini Keyboard

If you are attached at the hip to your iPad mini, you probably cannot imagine spending a day without it.  For many customers who feel the same way as you do, a keyboard is an essential accessory that takes your iPad mini from amazing to indispensible.  Due to demand for a keyboard that is compatible with iPad minis, many different products are available on the market today.  To ensure an easy typing experience while remaining small in size, innovative technology has been put to the test.

Best iPad mini Keyboard

Finding out which keyboard will suit your iPad mini can be hard

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The best iPad mini keyboards, such as the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard, allow for a versatile experience, no matter what you use your tablet for.  They provide the seamless ability to edit, write, create spreadsheets, and use your tablet similarly to the way you would use a laptop.  It is much easier to type on a keyboard than directly on the screen.  As a result, there is an increase in user satisfaction and productivity when using a keyboard.  Imagine how much more you will be able to accomplish once you connect your iPad to its keyboard.  It is easy to understand why iPad mini users are loyal to their keyboards as well.

Best iPad mini Keyboard


Selecting a keyboard will require you to determine your “must haves” and make some compromises.  While each keyboard can be connected through Bluetooth compatibility, allowing it to communicate with your tablet with ease, there are other elements to consider.

Will you always use the keyboard, or do you need one that is removable?

If you intend to use a keyboard the majority of the time that you are on your iPad, you are a good candidate for a keyboard that is built into a case.  Selecting a product like the Anker Ultra-Slim will ensure that your keyboard is always with you and that you are ready for any task.

best iPad mini keyboard

Anker Ultra-Slim

Keep in mind, however that this type of keyboard can be difficult to remove, as manufacturers anticipate that they will not need to be frequently detached.  For users who do not use a keyboard regularly but simply want it for the flexibility, a detachable keyboard may fit the bill. This style of keyboard provides option of typing easily without having the bulk of a keyboard and case constantly in the way. These keyboard shells offer the most versatility without sacrificing quality. One popular choice is the ZAGGkeys Cover, as its users find it detaches and reattaches easily and securely.

Is it important for the keyboard to be portable or better functioning?

It may sound surprising that customers have to make a compromise on such an important area.  However, if one need outweighs the other, you will have a clear idea of the direction you wish to go in when shopping for your keyboard. Portable keyboards are often thin, have crowded keys, and feel flimsy.

The biggest complaint is that the keys are often the wrong size or put in the wrong location in comparison to a traditional QWERTY keyboard. If this is not a deal breaker for you, then this portable keyboard from Logitech may fit the bill. On the other hand, keyboards with better functionality are often larger and less convenient to use on the go. While these products more closely mimic typing on a full sized keyboard, they are less functional for consumers who need a keyboard that can keep up with their busy lifestyle.

best iPad mini keyboard

Kensington KeyFolio

To combat this issue, the Kensington KeyFolio Exact Plus offers a sturdy product with an easy to use keyboard. Keep in mind that such products are significantly heavier than their competition. This style of keyboard is best for users who will not be carrying it around every day, unless its weight is not bothersome to them personally.

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No matter which direction you are leaning in, make sure to test-drive each product in the store prior to purchasing it.  If that is not an option for you, check the store’s return policy before placing your order.  This will help you avoid wasting time and money if the product is not what you expected.  To ensure that you are happy with your choice, consider how you intend to use your iPad mini’s keyboard and whether portability or functionality are most important to you.

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