8 Reasons Why Apple iOS8 Increases My Productivity!


iOS8 is a major leap in many respects. There are lots of great articles and reviews of this massive update and you could certainly spend days checking out all that has changed. However, this post is focused on eight (for iOS8 of course) updates that have increased my productivity on … Continue reading

Combine your iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter to get Productive


iPad, Evernote and a VGA Adapter Yes, I have written a lot about using Evernote to manage my productivity culminating with this post. Well, how am I am doing and how has my process evolved? In summary, I am still using Evernote to manage just about everything about my productivity. … Continue reading

Wood Cases for the iPad Air

Grovemade Sleeve

Simply protecting our gadgets from the hustle and bustle of our modern lives can become a tedious and bothersome battle of the wits. Whether it’s hiding them from our pets, scratching the screens with our nails or simply laying them into our bags; it is imperative to modern work and … Continue reading