How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your iPad

iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air vs iPad 3

Know When It’s Time To Replace Your iPad While it is tempting to replace your device when a newer shinier version comes out, that approach to technology replacement probably won’t serve your interest in being financially solvent. Making a new technology purchase requires you to carefully consider a number of … Continue reading

How to Use Your Mac Keyboard with Your iPhone or iPad


Trying to create any document with your device’s tiny on screen keyboard is frustrating at best. Trying to write anything creative becomes exponentially harder. With iOS 8 Apple has finally made using a keyboard with your iPhone or iPad possible. Using an actual physical keyboard is more ergonomically sound. Also … Continue reading

4 Ways to Translate Text Using Your iPad or iPhone

Bing Point

There are many reasons that you may need translations on your iPad or iPhone. Brilliance knows no official language and so you may want to read the thoughts of someone who doesn’t speak your native language at all. You may also be taking advantage of your iPad’s features to have … Continue reading

How to Manage Complicated Projects on your iPad with Trello!


I have been struggling to find a good project management tool at work that is better than our current spreadsheets. I have employees that are both inside of and outside of the corporate firewall which makes it difficult to share project information without the need for emailing. I have embarked … Continue reading

Battle of the Best iPad Word Processors: Ulysses, Pages & Write

Pages 5.0

Writers are beginning to turn to their iPad for their word processing needs. Writing on your iPad requires a text editor. That’s a web application that allows you to utilise word processing functions and layout design from your device. There are many text editors to choose from and the one … Continue reading

How to choose an iPad Keyboard


Bluetooth Keyboards I thought about buying a keyboard for a long time. I am fairly fast at typing on the iPad but there are still times that I would like to have a physical keyboard…to be able to feel the keys on my fingers. Over the past few years I … Continue reading

Is it really possible to go iPad Only???


Photo courtesy of Is it really possible to go iPad-only for the average professional? This is a question that has been circulating around the Internet since the beginning of the iPad and most recently discussed in detail in this excellent post on asianefficiency (AE). Some argued then and still … Continue reading