Get your things done in 25 minutes, with or without an iPad!

pomodoro technique

How so? I discovered this extremely simple productivity technique a long time ago when I read about the GTD method and wanted something simpler. It’s called the Pomodoro Technique and is essentially the process of setting aside focused time blocks in 25 minute increments. If you are curious about the name, pomodoro means … Continue reading

MindNode Review: Mind Mapping tool for iPad

mindnode review

Your brain is the central force behind all the brilliant ideas that you come up with. However, compartmentalizing these vivid ideas and “mapping” them requires some extra bit of help. Which is why, in this article, I am reviewing a mind mapping tool for iPad that I have been trying … Continue reading

Evernote handwriting to text: the options

Evernote handwriting to text

The Evernote handwriting to text features are the perfect tools to connect old-school handwriting with the modern style of typing things down. Typing for countless hours on your computer and swiping across the virtual keyboard on your iPad is convenient. However, there is nothing that even comes close to the … Continue reading

Using Evernote for Receipts – Managing expenses

Using Evernote for Receipts

Keeping a track of your expenses is one of the essential productivity practices, which is why we should be using Evernote for receipts and expense tracking. Managing your personal expenses to make sure you make ends meet or keeping a ledger on your expenses on your employer’s behalf. Evernote has … Continue reading

OmniFocus vs Todoist – Productivity app comparison

OmniFocus vs Todoist

In a market crowded by iPad productivity apps, there is a strong reason why the comparison between OmniFocus vs Todoist is always a heated one. With millions of users on both sides, it can be difficult to make your choice between Todoist and OmniFocus. The reason I have chosen to … Continue reading

Byword Review: A Simple iOS Writing Tool

Byword Review

Byword Review: A Simple iOS Writing Tool – Byword for the Mac, iPhone and iPad has been recently updated to version two. The update brings a few new and improved features to the writing tool. In this article, you will learn about the merits of the updates, it’s fundamental features, a comparison to … Continue reading